Drive-Thru AV Appreciation

Is there anything better than the fast-paced ease of grabbing any meal or snack, without having to step foot out of the car? Peerless-AV is proud to provide a seamless drive-thru experience for customers and a more efficient restaurant, with our outdoor digital menu boards and displays. Check out how our digital signage solutions put the ‘quick’ in quick service!

Peerless-AV Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Our Outdoor Digital Menu Boards take drive-thru restaurants to the next level, by easily displaying visually appealing content to catch customers’ attention. Digital menu boards can not only increase drive-thru sales but also promote order efficiency. By making the switch to digital, restaurants can update static menu content remotely throughout the day. Being able to adjust your menu in real-time also makes it easier for you to promote select items.

Peerless-AV Outdoor Digital Menu Boards in a Drive-Thru

Another digital signage solution frequently used in drive-thrus is our Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays. Built to combat high ambient lighting conditions, the Xtreme High Bright’s sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness providing clear readability, even in direct sunlight. This outdoor display gives customers a reason to continue to look at a screen, allowing you to highlight promotional or other branded content.

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