Digital Signage in the Age of Social Media

When it comes to creating content that is fresh, intriguing, and highly visual, the most common communication vehicle that comes to mind is social media! It impacts many of the ways in which we communicate and serves a variety of purposes. One of the more unique uses is through digital signage.

When incorporating social media into solutions, such as kiosks and interactive displays, there is a lot more to it, though, than just pointing your content management software at a web address or creating a hashtag. Here are some key considerations when deploying social media:

Utilize the Correct Social Platforms in Digital Signage Solutions

Social media is for all ages, but everyone knows and understands that certain platforms receive stronger demographics than others. For instance, Facebook typically skews toward more mature users while Instagram is popular among adults age 30 and younger. It is important to take these factors into consideration when integrating social media platforms with digital signage. For example, in a highly visual business setting, such as a QSR that is utilizing a Peerless-AV Outdoor Digital Menu Board (KOF5-XHB), a social media platform with a strong visual presence, like Instagram, would work best to show-off the delicious food being served.

Work with a Content Vendor

Between plugins provided by social media platforms to actual firms who create social media toolsets, there are many resources out there that you can take advantage of when incorporating social media and user-generated content into your digital signage. Peerless-AV works with a variety of content software vendors, such as 22MILES, FourWinds Interactive, and ScreenCloud to incorporate social media into our digital signage solutions, ensuring users are receiving up to date alerts about their surroundings.

Create a Customer Connection (And Monitor!)

Bringing social media to consumer-facing solutions, like our Smart City Kiosks (KOP25-XHB), means that we need to make sure any social media incorporated into these platforms can create a two-way conversation. Through engaging with consumers/social media users who interact with content featured on your digital signage, you can reward these users for being brand advocates through giveaways and promo codes. In addition, resharing and interacting with positive social media conversations that are featured on digital signage not only engage in-person customers, but also keep your signage mix current. With this said, though, one of the most important aspects that cannot be forgotten is the need to monitor. It is crucial that any social media platforms that are streaming through your digital signage be watched to ensure positive messages are being shown to consumers.

Incorporate Social Media Into Your Trade Show Presence

If you are a digital signage solution provider, are you using social media to your advantage while attending trade shows and popular industry events? Display your solutions and connect to your own social media handles to demonstrate the power of social media and digital signage! Don’t forget to incorporate trade show hashtags to be a part of the larger conversation.

Combining social media and digital signage can be a very useful tool, if executed correctly. To learn more about our solutions and work with our team to create a powerful digital signage tool, contact us today!

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