Digital Signage Do’s and Don’ts During New Normal

The times are definitely changing, and as businesses do their best to adapt to this new world, digital signage is also going to have to adjust. Let’s take a look at the digital signage do’s and don’ts for the new normal!

DO – Find Unique Approaches to Help Keep the Public Safe

Public safety is everyone’s number one priority – so it should be for digital signage as well.  This may require some out-of-the-box thinking, but it can be done! For example, we recently launched new temperature sensing solutions that can detect body temperatures and can be used in any setting, including retail, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Before, we would have never thought to put a temperature scanner in our kiosks, but now, it made sense to create a solution that could also keep businesses informed and customers safe!

DON’T – Encourage Touch Screen Options

Social distancing has been a huge part of the COVID recovery process. While pre-COVID touch screens were a trend in digital signage, this is no longer the case. Customers will be looking to cut down anything that helps the spread of germs. It may seem intriguing, but in this new normal, the potential costs outweigh the benefits. In some settings, it may be unavoidable, but if possible, it should be prevented for now.

DO – Make Life Easier for Owners and Users

Even though touch screens are temporarily out, there are other ways you can make digital signage easy for both owners and users. Choose digital signage solutions that are easy to install, change, and maintain. They should also be bright, clear, and use informative graphics to provide an easy-going experience for users! In times of high anxiety like these, digital signage should be helpful and stress free.

While things may be different, digital signage is still needed, perhaps more than ever! Digital signage can not only be informational, but it can also help decrease the need for human contact and help flatten the curve.

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