Creating Safer Shopping Experiences

Within the retail industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for proper health standards in real time. Creating an environment where shoppers feel safe and secure is crucial to drawing customers back in. With solutions for public health preparedness and viral transmission prevention, Peerless-AV is doing everything possible to create products to bring a safer shopping experience during these unprecedented times as well as in a post-coronavirus world.

“We took the time to research what type of solutions were needed to keep both employees and customers safe and satisfied,” said Brian McClimans, VP Sales, Peerless-AV. “We looked into a variety of different studies, surveyed consumers and had detailed discussions with our current customers to develop these products, and we firmly believe these solutions will become a part of prevention protocols all industries are implementing as the country begins to reopen.”

Temperature Sensing Mounts and Kiosks

Temperature Sensing Mounts and Kiosks

Lightweight and durable Temperature Sensor Stand Mounts (THR-100-COUNTER, THR-200-STAND) are offered for tabletop or floor applications. With installer friendly features, these mounts are designed to support an 8″ temperature sensor tablet. Once the stand is paired with a self-service, non-contact temperature screening tablet, it will alert customers of heightened temperature status as they enter the premises, alleviating customer and staff concerns.

Along with standing mounts, three new small format were created as indoor kiosks for public spaces. The first version of the Temperature Sensing Digital Signage Kiosk (THR-300) is integrated with a 22″ display, as well as non-touch, thermal sensing TempDefendTM Protection Basic Software from 22Miles. The second option of the Temperature Sensing Digital Signage Kiosk (THR-400) is integrated with a 21.5″ Mimo Monitors Display and digital signage software from Revel Digital, which provides detection within 3′ and temperature readings up to 18″. The third variation of the Temperature Sensing Digital Signage Kiosk (THR-500) comes with personal protection dispensers for refillable touch-free antibacterial foam dispenser, disposable gloves and facial tissues, and accommodates a 32″ display,

These small format, indoor kiosks feature a thermo-sensing system that leverages a combination of camera technology, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in the prevention of viral spread. Not only will TempDefendTM capture analytics that confirm operational compliance and Human Resource requirements, but it can also be repurposed as a tool for dynamic digital signage when needed.

Occupancy Control Kiosks

Occupancy Control Kiosks

To aid in regulating the flow of foot traffic in public places, we partnered with Navori Labs to introduce a new, completely integrated digital signage solution for occupancy control. The Occupancy Control Kiosk (THR-600) is integrated with a display, Navori Labs QL 2.2 Digital Signage Software, media player, and web camera.

This indoor, portrait kiosk regulates foot traffic at each point of entry and detects if a visitor is wearing a mask, while also displaying dynamic digital messaging, such as rules, instructions, wait times, promotions, and other information.

While these standard kiosk solutions are available, Peerless-AV is pleased to also offer customization options to create unique solutions that help businesses meet their specific requirements and margins. Through offering the ability to adapt and equip businesses with a customized solution to address health concerns, we hope that more businesses are able to operate safely.

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