Each year, Peerless-AV celebrates the International Day of Happiness (March 20th) by reflecting on what makes us happy to show up for work each day – even as we continue to work virtually! From celebrating diversity to empowering one another at work, we value our employees above all else. Read on for more of what makes us happy to work at Peerless-AV!

What Makes You Happy to Work At Peerless-AV?

This is an easy one – the fact that everyone CARES for one another. I know that every Peerless-AV employee, no matter their role, MATTERS and is respected. Everyone at Peerless-AV deeply cares for and respects one another, and it shows in every encounter I have ever had. The well-being of employees is of the highest priority, as is work-life balance, which I value so much. ”

Ali Baxa, Customer Care

“My favorite part of working for Peerless-AV is the genuine people I interact with each day. I can always count on them for a good laugh!”

Rachael Hinds, Marketing

“I love working for Peerless-AV because this is a company that places its employees’ health and wellbeing first. I also love the group of people I have the pleasure to work with each day. In a time when individuality and creative thinking matter so much, my boss allows me to think for myself and problem solve without being micro-managed. I am so grateful to be working for this company.”

Kathy Petrin, Sales

“All the great people I work with make me happy to work here each day.”

Carrie McKenzie-Bush, Marketing

“I’m so happy to have the opportunity to learn from my coworkers. I can’t describe the joy I feel from speaking to other employees from different backgrounds and specialties.”

Colin Goulet, Product Management

“The team spirit amongst our department makes me happy to work here!”

Gemma Witt, Customer Care

“What makes me happiest to work here is feeling like I’m having an impact on the company, even if it’s in the smallest capacity. Throughout my time with Peerless-AV, I have been able to see and recognize the results of my hard work. I always feel appreciated and celebrated by management and my colleagues – and this has empowered me to work even harder and make some decisions on my own, based on reliable data and research to benefit my position and Peerless-AV as a whole.”

Rob Meiner, Product Management

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