Earlier this year Peerless-AV® published a case study detailing the successful installation of  Peerless-AV SmartMount® Supreme Full-Service Video Wall Mounts at Sprinklr’s NYC headquarters. Continue reading for an overview of this project!

SmartMount Supreme Full-Service Video Wall Mounts

To truly evoke the innovative nature of Sprinklr, and to feature one of its flagship products, Sprinklr Display, the company sought to create a wow factor from the moment someone steps into its office.

In addition to developing a strong visual impression, Sprinklr also wanted a solution to best showcase its products and work. As visitors stepped into the office, Sprinklr wanted to first grab their attention, then get them thinking about how they could use the company’s services and products. Sprinklr knew they wanted to incorporate a seamless grid of TV monitors to make the most of the real estate in the office and to truly showcase its Sprinklr Display product.

In June 2017, with this vision in mind, Sprinklr turned to one of its partners, Ideacage, a cloud-based content management and display control solutions company. Having worked together for multiple years, Ideacage understood Sprinklr’s needs and created various design options, resulting in a 2×4 data visualization wall showcasing Sprinklr Display.

Relying on Ideacage’s experience, Sprinklr utilized all recommended vendors, including Peerless-AV. For this project, Ideacage selected Peerless-AV’s award-winning SmartMount® Supreme Full-Service Video Wall Mounts (DS-VW775).

SmartMount Supreme Full-Service Video Wall Mounts

Installation began in August 2017, with Ideacage utilizing eight Peerless-AV SmartMount® Supreme Full-Service Video Wall Mounts and eight 55″ NEC monitors. For a project that would have traditionally taken up to two hours to install, it took only 20 minutes.

Between the quick and easy installation, outstanding service and support from Peerless-AV, the quality of the products, and minimal challenges, the final product – a 16-foot-wide video wall – was completely finished in just two short days.

With the installation of the video wall, Sprinklr now has a place to showcase its own solution and company-wide activities, including graphs depicting social media streams and employee sentiment, as well as videos and images highlighting company events.

The new video wall has given Sprinklr’s lobby a modern look and feel that has made a significant difference in the overall vibe of the office – clients are impressed when they walk in and employees are excited to experience a more interactive environment that shares the creative nature of the company.

Further, based on the success of this installation and the quality of Peerless-AV’s mounting solutions, Sprinklr has implemented a second video wall in its Portland, Oregon office.


To view this case study as well as all of Peerless-AV’s case studies, please visit: https://www.peerless-av.com/en-us/case-studies


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