Case Study Overview: World-Renowned University

The installation team at Peerless-AV® was tasked with a collaborative project to design, engineer, and create a custom SEAMLESS Bespoke Mounting System for a world-renowned university.

The goal of this project was to create a more immersive remote learning environment for the students of the university. The university approached McCann Systems, an audiovisual design-build integrator, to design and manage the project. McCann Systems then chose Unilumin to provide the direct view LED (dvLED) displays that would make up this digital display, and the SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program team to create the custom mounting system to support two identical, 57-foot, 96-person concave video walls.

This installation not only posed the unique challenge of coordinating 168 Unilumin UpanelS 1.5 displays into a curved design, but the low ceilings and square shape of the building’s architecture added a distinct obstacle. However, the SEAMLESS Video Wall Integration Program ensures start-to-finish project support and Peerless-AV was there to make sure the installation was successful.

Peerless-AV custom-designed two 180-degree, 33-foot wide by 10-foot high pedestal mounting structures that are bolted to the floor to accommodate the digital display panels. In addition, the Peerless-AV team also designed hardware for the integrated technology of the video wall, consisting of custom mounts for the four integrated web cameras, two speakers, seven subwoofers, and six PTZ 4K web cameras.

The university was extremely happy with the two video walls which allowed 90 students to participate in this virtual classroom experience, with each student’s image separated on the curved dvLED video wall in front of the professor.

For a more in-depth look at this installation, check out our case study:

Peerless-AV’s dedicated and dynamic group of dvLED professionals includes structural and mechanical engineers, product managers, project managers, installers, and sales and service personnel, who are always there to deliver the best results.

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