Bring on the Sales! Digital Signage for Black Friday and Beyond

Between sales beginning late Thanksgiving Day into Black Friday, it is estimated that around $87 billion dollars will be spent on shopping this year. With that kind of spending occurring, it is important that retailers are taking every step to ensure they provide shoppers with an experience that encourages and informs their in-store shopping journey.

Capturing the attention of shoppers can be done in a variety of different ways, offering excellent sales prices, unique inventory, or even rewards for shopping at certain times, but one of the most important aspects that is often overlooked is digital signage. In fact, retail digital signage makes up 28% of the entire digital signage business market share.

So, how can retailers obtain the highest ROI while utilizing digital signage on the busiest shopping day of the year? Read on to learn more!

Interact with Customers

It’s important to still give customers the information they need, but if there is an opportunity to immerse the customer in an experience through digital signage, do not hesitate to take it. Creating an interaction that allows a customer to not only be part of the experience, but also keeps your brand and products top of mind is key. Need an example of an immersive interactive display for Black Friday? Go with a kiosk that allows guests to search through store inventory based on their style preference. Remember – keep it relevant and don’t be distracting!

All-in-One Portrait Kiosk powered  by BrightSign

Technicalities are Important

The worst thing a retailer could do is have a broken or unused digital sign hanging in their display window – especially on a high-traffic shopping day. Two key considerations are finding the right mount and conducting thorough testing before mounting and displaying your digital signage. Retailers should also look for a mount that makes installation and repair of the digital signage easy. Further, thorough testing should be conducted to anticipate any potential issues that could arise in the future. The safety of customers must be tantamount, especially when stores are busier than usual.

Window Display Mount

Consider Location

Location, location, location! Selecting the location of where to place digital signage can enhance its effectiveness. Of course, considering traffic is important so the front entrance of the store is a great place to put beautiful Black Friday signage. Even if a customer was not planning on entering a store, a sign that is appealing enough will draw customers in or at the very least, get them talking and engaged in your brand.  

Window Display Mount

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