The holiday season is rapidly approaching and every year holiday commercials, displays, and songs seem to emerge earlier. Depending on your perspective, the holidays can evoke warm memories, feelings of anxiety – or perhaps even both.

Nonetheless, no matter how you feel or what you do, one thing is for certain: whether you realize it or not, digital signage has and continued to be a large part of the season.

During this time, retailers need to gear up to meet the needs of and accommodate the influx of customers. And, one definite way to enhance the customer experience, as well as benefit the retailer, is to implement digital signage.

There are many considerations when it comes to deciding upon digital signage for a retail location as it serves many purposes. Yet, the one thing it should always accomplish is to make the lives of both the retailer and the shopper easier.

Here’s how to integrate successful digital signage during the most wonderful time of the year.


Considerations for AV in Retail Settings

Goals: An important consideration is determining what you want to accomplish with your integration. Do you want customers to be able to interact, or simply view your signage? You’ll want to determine the best type of device to install. By installing a product like the Peerless-AV Indoor Portrait Kiosk, customers would be able to view important information like promotions, but also interact with the display to gain further insights, such as the availability of products they are interested in.

The content that’s included on these displays is key in ensuring success. It is important to carefully craft this messaging to make sure it’s easily digestible for the customer. It’s also vital to make sure that the content available on this digital signage is regularly updated. This is indeed one of the perks of offering information digitally – it can be quickly and easily modified.


Location: It takes careful planning to make sure that your digital application is in the most effective and safe spot. While you want the most eyes on your messaging, you also need to make sure it is compliant under the American Disabilities Act. In order to meet ADA compliance for screen height positioning, the max height is 48 inches – the tested average height that works for those in wheelchairs. Also, if the kiosk is mounted on a wall and is between 27 and 80 inches off of the ground, it can’t protrude more than 4 inches into any walking space or passage way.

You’ll also want to make sure that your display or kiosk is accessible in case maintenance is needed. By utilizing a mount like Peerless-AV’s SmartMount® Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount, installation and set up is quick, and a pop-out quick release function allows for easy access.


Measuring Success: Any goals you set for your digital signage solutions should be tracked and measured to determine your success. For example, if your mission was to promote in-store sales, how will you track the revenue correlated to those promotions? If your goal is less tangible, such as to increase customer engagement, perhaps there is another way to determine this success, such as display touches.

How will you amp up your digital signage and establish your ROI this holiday season?

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