Best Practices for Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Space

Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TV by Peerless-AV

With the summer season quickly approaching, you might be thinking about revamping your backyard into the oasis of your dreams.  Read on for best practices to keep in mind while creating your outdoor entertainment space – made perfect with the Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TVs by Peerless-AV®!

Durability & Weather Tolerance

For homeowners who enjoy entertaining, outdoor living spaces become just as important as those inside the home. When it comes to upgrading an outdoor oasis with an outdoor-rated TV, it is important to keep durability at top of mind.

All-Season Solution

The Neptune Shade Series Outdoor TVs are an all-season solution for outdoor entertainment and living. The Neptune Shade Series are designed to withstand harsh weather elements, such as rain and snow, as well as operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C). This means you can stream or binge-watch in your backyard, all year long – Whether that’s cozied up on a couch under your pergola or relaxing in your hot tub.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

Waterproof and water-resistant mean two very different things, and it’s important to understand the difference. A device that is waterproof means that it’s impervious to water and can even operate while submerged, whereas a device that is water-resistant is able to resist water intrusion to some degree – but cannot be submerged. There are a lot of acronyms and marketing terms being used to describe water ingress protection, so be aware of what they mean and ask questions if you are unsure. Don’t forget to make sure that your remote is also water-resistant.

Rain Droplets on Neptune Shade Series Outdoor TV

The Neptune Shade Series Outdoor TVs are IP54 Rated, meaning they are engineered to be used in wet environments, and can withstand rain and splashing water. The included outdoor IR learning remote and tilting wall mount are also water-resistant solutions.


It’s important to never place a TV in direct sunlight that is not designed for such conditions – This may result in temporary black spots on the screen (referred to as isotropic blackout) and potential of permanent damage to the LCD panel. To avoid this, we suggest using a mount to ensure proper viewing angles.

More importantly, it’s all about location! Outdoor TVs rated for shade areas should be placed under an overhang, eave, pergola, gazebo, etc. AV solutions should also never be placed near fire pits, grills, and other heat sources as they are a hazard, and should be a safe distance from pools, hot tubs, spas and other water sources. Once you have a safe, shady location established, consider your optimal viewing angles.

The Neptune Shade Series, powered by LG displays, are crafted with complete 4K, UHD resolution and an IPS panel for the best color performance and consistency. Not only this, but the TVs offer 178-degrees of viewing angles, so you can enjoy the stunning picture from anywhere in your backyard.

Mounting & Installation

In outdoor environments, you have to consider all weather elements within a year of installation. Incorrect installation, poor placement, or low-quality mounts put the TV as risk for falling, dropping, injuring someone or breaking. If the included Neptune Outdoor Tilting Wall Mount doesn’t suit your needs and you plan to invest in a different kind, such as a ceiling or articulating wall mount, to minimize glare and create the best angle for viewing, ensure that it is specifically made for outdoor use. It’s vital that your mount and TV are secure enough to endure the elements to prevent safety hazards and potential re-installation.

The tilting mount, included with the Neptune Shade Series Outdoor TVs ($199 USD value), uses a special painting process that involves a zinc-based primer and durable powder coating process to help prevent rust. The hardware that is included is stainless steel or Geomet® coated (used in the auto industry) to prevent corrosion.

Low Maintenance

While most of Peerless-AV’s technologies offer maintenance-free construction and installation, be sure to check reviews and manuals to make sure that the unit will not require major maintenance down the road. Units that are completely sealed and ventless don’t require external vents, filters, or exhaust fans, which can get costly as the need to replace them persists. Keeping maintenance to a minimum allows you and your family to enjoy more time outside without the stress.

freePATH Technology™ input compartment cover

Furthermore, ease of use is key when you’re on the market for outdoor AV. The Neptune Shade Series makes this easy with the freePATH Technology™ input compartment cover, which allows WiFi signals within range to easily connect to the device for SMART TV compatibility – minimizing the need for multiple wires, cables, and more.

Once you’ve decided on an outdoor TV and are ready to set up, polish off your outdoor space with some comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and maybe a fire for some s’mores. Sounds like the perfect backyard oasis to us!

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