If you weren’t able to attend CES 2017, don’t worry! The Peerless-AV team was at the show, and took note of some of the incredible technology that debuted. As AV connoisseurs, we were most impressed by this year’s selection of high-tech TVs.

From screens that are paper thin, to screens that are added decoration for your home, we have identified our top picks from CES this year.

LG Signature OLED TV

This TV is so thin it identifies with a “Wallpaper” design – it’s so slim and light that it practically blends into the wall. A Best of Innovation Awards Honoree, the TV features lush, vibrant colors and attaches directly to the wall.

(Photo & Source: LG)


Samsung QLED

Claiming to be even better than OLED, Samsung displayed a range of its QLED TVs. The TV displays an even crisper image with peak brightness between 1,500 – 2,000 nits. This increased brightness enables HDR content to display “true to life in any form” for movies, live TV, or games. To show the benefits in quality, the Samsung booth had a variety of stations showcasing how QLED technology outshines conventional TVs through side-by-side comparisons and various room setting simulations.

(Photo & Source: Samsung)



Sony also brought out the “big guns” this year with its BRAVIA OLED A1E series. Remarkably thin and offering high picture clarity, this TV is equipped with Sony’s Acoustic SurfaceTM technology. The technology vibrates the display and enables sound to be emitted directly from the TV screen, fusing image and sound.

(Photo & Source: Sony)


Samsung Lifestyle TV

Just as it sounds, this TV is meant to add value to any home décor. It has been described as “TVs designed to hide in plain sight,” with the intention of appearing as a picture frame would on a wall. It comes in 45″ and 65″ and was also awarded a 2017 Best of Innovation Award at CES.

(Photo & Source: Samsung)


Did you see any awesome AV at CES 2017? Let us know your favorite picks.

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