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5 Tips for a Successful dvLED Video Wall Install

Creating a captivating dvLED video wall requires planning, precision, and engineering expertise. These five tips can help ensure even the most challenging dvLED video wall installations are safe, visually appealing, and sure to last!

1. Prepare Ahead of Time

Creating a plan that allows time for a comprehensive assessment of the space ahead of the installation is crucial. Plan to conduct a thorough site visit to get a first-hand experience of the area the dvLED video wall will be placed in.

There are two ways to properly conduct a site survey…

One way is to visit the installation site while the construction of the space is still taking place. This would include coming with elevation drawings in hand to review the infrastructure, such as studs, framing, location of cable runs, mounting points, power connections, and more. However, if the final construction ends up differing from the initial elevation drawings provided, the mount solution will need to be re-designed and re-manufactured to be properly installed, resulting in additional time and money.

Another way to conduct a site survey is to visit the site after the construction of the space is complete. Ideally, this would be prior to designing and manufacturing the dvLED mounting structure. This would allow for a comparison of the initial plans and the result of the construction. This then gives engineering teams the opportunity to adjust the original design and ensure the final mounting solution aligns with the space.

This allows the opportunity to take preliminary measurements, view the different lighting and angles that may affect the quality of the dvLED displays, and note any spatial challenges that need to be addressed. These aspects take time but are critical to ensuring the installation is efficient and accurate.

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2. Consider Structural Integrity

The safety and security of a dvLED video wall installation are highly dependent on the structural integrity of both the mounting system and any walls it will be attached to. This means installation teams must consider the weight of the video wall in addition to any other components that will be used to support it. Some other things to consider are the location of the video wall.

If it will be placed in a high-traffic area, it may be necessary to implement additional safety measures to ensure the video wall is secure and strong. A product like Peerless-AV’s SEAMLESS Universal Trim Kit may be necessary to provide protection to the exterior sides of the video wall. This is helpful in instances where it is placed close to the ground, in narrow spaces like a hallway, or anywhere where it is accessible to large groups of people.

To prolong the life of dvLED video walls, it is also vital to ensure accessibility for proper maintenance and serviceability.

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3. Ensure Accurate Measurements

Having inaccurate measurements of the space, mounting systems, curvatures, or anything else pertaining to the overall video wall does not only negatively affect the installation timeline, but also poses a safety hazard.

It is key to triple-check all measurements to ensure precision when completing the installation. Ensure the wall surfaces and surrounding areas adhere to the guidelines of construction tolerances. According to the Handbook of Construction Tolerance, +/- ¼” in 10′ is ideal for light-frame construction. Additionally, walls should not be more than ¼” out of plumb for any 32″ vertical measurement.

Some other things to consider are the degree of angle and radius of convex and concave walls, floor-to-wall measurements, wall-to-ceiling measurements, and more. This can guarantee the result of the installation is visually appealing and secure for long-term use.

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4. Plan for Setbacks

Installation teams know, no matter how much you prepare for an installation, there are bound to be slight challenges, delays, and human errors. Accounting for this in the planning process (ahead of the installation) can guarantee enough time is available to deal with any issues that may arise.

Having the information gathered from initial site visits and preliminary measurements can also help predict any installation setbacks. This will allow teams to have a general idea of what could go wrong and prepare possible solutions.

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5. Work with a Trusted Team

All of the preparation, meticulous measurements, and challenging configurations of a dvLED video wall can be overwhelming. Always default to a professional team who has the experience and expertise to address engineering, safety, or visual concerns efficiently.

Ready to plan your next installation? Peerless-AV’s SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program guarantees start-to-finish support. Our team of experienced professionals can assure an accurate and swift installation process to create the immersive dvLED video wall of your dreams!

For more information about Peerless-AV’s mounting systems and services, please visit peerless-AV.com/SEAMLESS.

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