Now more than ever, we understand the importance of keeping a constant flow of communication. In cases of emergency, digital signage is a powerful tool for conveying important information in public and staff areas. Displays and digital signage can be especially effective in a crisis for many different uses.

1. Deliver Accurate & Timely Data

The many different uses of digital signage allow a business to accomplish a variety of goals, and conveying accurate messaging is one of the most essential during a crisis. With the power of digital signage, we have the ability to send out critical updates with information and instructions at any point in time. Having the most current and transparent data not only instructs readers but will ease and comfort them.

2. Promote Proper Hygiene

Digital signage can be used to send out friendly reminders to the public for maintaining healthy habits. When a health crisis occurs, it is important to emphasize proper hygiene. By encouraging healthy habits through digital signs, people can remain informed on appropriate precautions.

3. Minimize Direct Contact

From interactive displays to virtual information desks, digital signage can lessen direct contact. Businesses can display anything from directories, floor maps and answers to common questions on screens in public areas. This implementation of digital signage minimizes human interaction among customers and staff, keeping direct contact at minimum and making others feel safer.

4. Push Out Positivity

In times of uncertainty, it is important to have a forward-looking mindset. Digital signage can be used for more than just a means for information flow. Show appreciation for those on the frontlines and essential workers with the help of eye-catching signage. Delivering inspirational messages to the public on screens is one of the ways digital signage can be used for good during a crisis.

Where have you found digital signage to be helpful during this time? Tell us in the comments below!

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