2022 Trends in AV

2022 is finally here! Reflecting on the past year there is no doubt that the AV industry has proven its resilience in the most trying times. From global events to new innovations and installations professional AV products are expected to continue to evolve rapidly. So, what is coming in 2022? Read on for predictions of this year’s emerging AV trends.

Hybrid Solutions

There’s no doubt that integrators will continue to see an accelerated rate of growth in digital transformation and modernizing technology infrastructures. AV will continue to be driven by virtualization, as many workplace environments are adopting hybrid models. Looking ahead to the rest of 2022, it is doubtful that society will return to a full on-site work environment. For businesses that cannot accommodate a fully remote or in-person approach, hybrid models are becoming increasingly common. Offering solutions that support hybrid working environments and flexibility for companies, education settings, and more is extremely beneficial for productivity and accessibility. This can include anything from advanced conference room solutions with setups that include video walls to project those tuning in virtually, to classroom solutions for distance learning, and more.

Touchless Environments and Automation

Following the throes of COVID-19, it appears that touchless building controls are here to stay. In the beginning, smart buildings primarily focused on creating more efficient infrastructure and environmentally sustainable facilities. However, the onset of the pandemic encouraged the widespread implementation of touchless technology, revolutionizing the way people engage with their environment. These safe, sanitary, and user-friendly technologies are now becoming staples of a larger trend of modernization — the growing shift toward smart building models.

Self-Service Kiosks

Kiosks check a couple of boxes that merchants and other industries find appealing. First, with many dealing with staffing shortages, implementing kiosk solutions can allow customers to do their own research, ordering, returns and checkout. Beyond the benefit to merchants, kiosks can improve customer experience by getting customers more engaged in the store. Additionally, reducing person-to-person interactions is desirable to many still worried about spreading or catching COVID.

Many sectors have caught on to the appeal of integrated kiosks, both indoors and outdoors. Mass transit (airports, railway stations, and bus terminals), retail, hospitality/hotels, restaurants, healthcare, and education are all interested in digital signage and interactive kiosks.

Personalized Solutions

In many commercial spaces, museums, galleries, and more, there’s often a need for large video displays. In past years, many spaces have opted for projection screens or LCD video walls, as opposed to large dvLED video walls. However, we’re seeing a need for more unique solutions in installations like the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma, where traditional mounts and video wall systems simply don’t work. As innovation across multiple industries and locations ensues, the Peerless-AV team is noticing increased demands for unique, long-lasting digital signage solutions and a deeper understanding of the need for experienced engineers to take on new projects.

From continuing to embrace hybrid models of work and education, to creating unique solutions that adapt to your client’s needs, 2022 should be an exciting year in AV! What are your plans for the new year?

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