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Peerless-AV’s 2022 Highlights

With 2022 coming to a close, our team is taking time to reflect and appreciate all the fantastic things that have come out of the past year. With new and evolved products, awards, and partnerships all occurring in 2022, the Peerless-AV® team feels lucky to have experienced all that we did in the last year. Here are some of our top highlights to celebrate!

New Innovations

Our team introduced several new and updated products this year. We did so while actively ensuring adaptability to ever-changing consumer needs and spearheading innovative discoveries.

Peerless-AV introduced the new-gen Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays to enhance outdoor signage or entertainment options. Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays offer an IP66 rating plus superior, outdoor-certified video quality, allowing the display content to be easily read. The displays are also safe from water, dust, moisture, and even insects.

Each display has 2500 units of light output, ensuring that high ambient lighting won’t disrupt any visibility. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness to align with the lighting conditions and optimize power consumption. Available in both 55” (XHB554) and 65” (XHB653) models, these displays are perfect for any and every outdoor environment.

Xtreme™ Outdoor Display Installed at Train Station

The Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays can be integrated with another new product from Peerless-AV  — the sleek, easy-to-use next-generation of Smart City Kiosks. This outdoor kiosk allows businesses of all kinds to upgrade digital signage with an all-in-one solution. This outdoor certified kiosk can be used for wayfinding, entertainment, weather announcements, and more.

Thanks to its innovative and easily adaptable design, this kiosk is an upgrade to any static signage solution. The new Smart City Kiosks can come either with (KOP55XHB-(S)A) or without (KOP55XHB(-S)) a built-in pair of 4-inch, 100-watt speakers. These speakers provide an even more captivating and immersive experience for viewers.

Designed for durability, the Smart City Kiosks are made entirely out of stainless steel and aluminum and are also wind-tested up to 135 mph. This kiosk is easy to install and maintenance is made easy with the secure rear doors that allow quick access to the display.

Smart City Kiosks Shopping Display

Peerless-AV also debuted the new Neptune™ Partial Sun Outdoor Smart TVs, offering customers another option to the previously launched Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TVs. The Neptune Partial Sun Outdoor Smart TVs take outdoor entertainment to a whole new level, regardless of weather conditions.

These TVs have an operating range of -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C). These outdoor TVs also come equipped with 4K resolution and an IPS panel, meeting full UHD specifications and providing superior color and video quality at every viewing angle.

The Neptune Partial Sun Series is available in three sizes, 55”, 65”, and 75.” It also comes with a free Outdoor Tilting TV Wall Mount ($199 USD value) to ensure a secure installation. We even created the Neptune™ Universal Dust Cover designed for each TV size to provide proper protection. Peerless-AV’s introduction of Neptune products made outdoor entertainment a reality for homes, restaurants, and businesses everywhere.

Neptune Outdoor TV Playing Hockey

2022 Awards

In addition to the successful product innovations Peerless-AV had the pleasure of sharing, the team also was recognized for a number of awards, both as a company and for specific products.

In 2022, Peerless-AV celebrates the following award wins:

2022 SCN Stellar Service Award

Peerless-AV’s Customer Care Team won Gold for “Best Tech Support.”

2022 Popular Mechanics Outdoor TV Award

Neptune™ Partial Sun Series won “Best Overall Outdoor TV.”

2022 TWICE VIP Award

Neptune™ Partial Sun Series won the category of “Outdoor Tech & Appliances: Outdoor Television & Video.”

2022 Hermes Creative Awards

Platinum Winner: Honored in the Strategic Campaigns | Marketing | 302c. Integrated Marketing Campaign Category for the Neptune™ Shade Series by Peerless-AV Marketing Campaign.

Gold Winner: Honored in the Electronic Media | Web Creative | 126. Web Writing/Content category for the dedicated Neptune™ by Peerless-AV website:

The 28th Annual Communicator Awards

Gold Winner: Honored in the Video Excellence | Individual-Video for Online Advertising & Marketing category for the Neptune™ Shade Series by Peerless-AV Marketing Video.

Gold Winner: Honored in the Integrated Campaign Excellence | Campaign-Business-to-Consumer for Integrated Campaign category for the Neptune™ by Peerless-AV Marketing Campaign.

The Gold Winner: Honored in the Digital Excellence | Individual-Microsite for Online Advertising & Marketing category for the Neptune™ by Peerless-AV website:

AVNetwork/Digital Signage Magazine – InfoComm 2022 Best of Show Award

Peerless-AV 2022 Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display took home a Best of Show Award at this year’s show.

Exciting 2022 News

ADF Acquisition

This year, Peerless-AV also announced the acquisition of ADF Visual Display Products of Southern California. ADF specializes in complex dvLED construction, known as the engineer and manufacturer behind several visually stunning and challenging dvLED installations. After being a long-time partner, Peerless-AV recognized ADF’s incredible ability to create innovative solutions for dvLED video walls as a logical addition to the Peerless-AV team, creating an opportunity for powerful growth.

Peerless-AV Acquisition Handshake

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