This past February was surely one to remember, with our attention focused front and center on the Olympics. Throughout Peerless-AV, buzz surrounding the events could certainly be felt company-wide.

Whether your focus was on figure skating, skiing, or ice hockey, with events happening around the clock and the ability to instantly live stream, it was certainly one of the more exciting recent Olympics.

Now that the games have ended, there are numerous moments that stood out to us – with technology as the underlying theme! Check out these striking moments, all thanks to innovation. It was undoubtedly the most tech-centric Olympics to date.


Stand-Out Olympic Technology Integrations



As you may have seen, the opening ceremony featured a light show executed by drones, resembling more than 1,200 shooting stars. 

Still, drones at the Olympics served a function beyond fun and entertainment. Drones with thermal imaging and high definition cameras flew throughout the Olympic stadium to monitor environments and ensure safety.






Throughout the Olympics, robot guides were readily available to guide visitors and answer questions.

At the airport, LG’s robots were cleaning the floors. 

And, teams even competed against robots on skis! (This is not an official event, yet….)




Intel and the South Korean mobile carrier, KT, utilized the Olympics as the tech industry’s largest 5G showcase yet.

5G allowed this Olympics to offer unprecedented views of the games and to be the first Winter Olympics to be broadcast live in virtual reality.

Hyundai, South Korea’s top automaker, also utilized the technology to let visitors test out its autonomous Nexo SUV. Further, KT Corp. showcased its self-driving 5G Bus.









Would you like to see this technology integrated into your everyday life? What was your favorite moment of the Olympics?

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