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Peerless-AV Innovation

A brand-new addition has officially been added to our stockpile of award-winning and top-notch digital signage solutions: The next generation Smart City Kiosk!

KOP55XHB Smart City Kiosk with Mall Directory
KOP55XHB-A Smart City Kiosk with Grocery Store Display
KOP55XHB-S Smart City Kiosk with Travel Advertisement
KOP55XHB-SA Smart City Kiosk with Food Promotion

This new product has a sleek, modern, easy-to-use, and approachable design that is ideal for upgrading your static signage. Now, businesses will be able to quickly and remotely swap out dynamic, digital content at their convenience.

Whether the kiosk is being used for advertising, wayfinding, travel, entertainment, weather, or something else entirely, rest assured that viewers will always be exposed to a clear and crisp image. This is due to the integrated Peerless-AV® 55″ XtremeTM High Bright Outdoor Display (XHB554) with full HD1080p resolution, which guarantees perfect image display at any time of day.

This new Smart City Kiosk is built to withstand the different rigors of daily outdoor use. Not only that, but this kiosk is also wind-tested up to 135 mph and has an all-weather-rated IP66 display.

With this fully sealed, outdoor-rated display, businesses won’t have to worry about water, dust, insects, or moisture botching their latest tech investment. Whether it’s stationed in Miami or Anchorage, this display will function smoothly in an operating range of -31° F to 140° F.

This easy-to-use kiosk is putting functionality at the very forefront while keeping that modern and simplified look. The kiosk comes in either a black or silver color and is made of all stainless steel and aluminum. It also has high-quality, outdoor-rated paint to prevent corrosion.

For those looking to add customizations, there are several available for the Smart City Kiosk. An optional IR touch overlay can make this model interactive. The KIRP-XHB-(HT) has responsive technology that can detect up to 10 touch points. Whether a customer has on gloves or is using a stylus, the touch overlay will still be responsive.

This next-generation Smart City Kiosk also can come either with or without a built-in pair of 4-inch, 100-watt speakers. Whether displaying interactive graphics or showcasing a lively product video, Peerless-AV’s new digital signage can meet any specific need.

Each Smart City Kiosk comes packed with an IP55-rated media cabinet for tucking away AV components and reducing the chance of damage. There is also a built-in fan to consistently cool down the area. The louvered side vents are also perfect for keeping all cords out of view so the Smart City Kiosk can look its best. The new design also includes an extended base cover, which is going to allow the conduit to stay hidden and any electric to go through the bottom.

KOP55XHB Media Cabinet
KOP55XHB Media Cabinet
KOP55XHB-A Speakers
KOP55XHB-A Speakers

One of the main goals is to ensure a clean and easy installation process. This means no cranes or forklifts are necessary during installation. Further, any ongoing maintenance will be simple with the secure rear doors that allow access to the display.

The Smart City Kiosk [KOP55XHB(-S), KOP55XHB-(S)A] is available for purchase directly through Peerless-AV and authorized distribution networks. For more information, please visit

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