dvLED video wall Monterrey Airport

Case Study Overview: Large-Scale dvLED Video

Walls at Monterrey International Airport

As part of an extensive remodeling project, Peerless-AV® worked alongside digital signage integrator POP Media Technology (POP MT) to install several large dvLED video walls throughout the Monterrey International Airport to create a more seamless travel experience.

Monterrey Airport, a bustling hub for domestic and international flights, was searching for a solution to enhance wayfinding and communication across its terminals, halls, and check-in points. Incorporating large dvLED video walls offered an opportunity for eye-catching and adaptable communication, even in the busiest areas of the airport. With various installations needed, including high placements, it was essential that meticulous planning and safety precautions were in place to ensure a secure and durable installation process.

dvLED video wall taxi

Through collaborative efforts, meticulous measurements, and the support of a series of custom-built Peerless-AV SEAMLESS Mounting Systems, a total of 29 solutions have been implemented in various areas of the airport, with several different-sized configurations.

The SEAMLESS Mounting System was the ideal choice for customizing each mount to fit the specific layout and dimensions of every video wall. Their adaptability and swift installation process guaranteed efficient integration, regardless of where the displays were situated.

boarding area digital signage

The teams installed Absen KL 2.5 LED displays within each mounting system due to their superior resolution and durability for these walls. The pixel pitch of these displays provided optimal clarity for flight information, ensuring visibility even from a distance while maintaining legibility for close-up viewing. Additionally, the displays offered a longer lifespan, which is crucial for 24/7 airport operations.

The careful planning paid off as the installations seamlessly integrated into various airport areas, including taxi areas, main entrances, boarding gates, and check-in halls.

dvLED video wall Monterrey Airport

The final result is an eye-catching, seamless look across all installations, enhancing the airport’s aesthetic appeal while providing valuable information to travelers. Peerless-AV’s mounting system ensured a sleek finish, eliminating visible lines and gaps between cabinets. Travelers passing through the terminals are captivated by the mixed content of flight information and advertising, delivering the modernized look the Monterrey International Airport sought.

For a more in-depth look at this dvLED video wall installation, check out our case study.

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