Over the years, AV has grown and expanded into industries like education, hospitality, transportation, retail, and more! In that time, we have seen some crazy and unique displays with the help of the latest AV technology. Here are some examples:

Image Provided via CNBC.com

Retail giant Sephora recently introduced a video display that allows customers to test out different looks before making any purchasing decisions. The beauty retailer hopes that this will not only excite guests, but will also keep customers in store longer, leading to increases in sales. This is an unusual display that is also profitable!

Agua Caliente Resort and Casino in Rancho Mirage, California wanted to differentiate its new sports bar, 360 Sports, from other sports bars in the Greater Palm Springs area. By installing an incredible Direct View LED Video Wall display, 360 Sports is now the first sports bar without televisions. Guests can now enjoy the game, no matter where they are seated.

Image Provided Via Digital Signage Connection

Orlando International Airport wanted to find a way to bring the excitement of Orlando (beaches, sunshine, and Disney) to travelers when they first enter the city. Utilizing AV throughout the terminals, the airport was able to add delight for travelers, while also increasing organization and efficiency. Guests can now navigate through the airport, check in faster, and learn more about what Orlando has to offer thanks to the latest AV solutions.

Image Provided via Vegas Experience

Did you know that Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest video screen? This digital signage display is used to give guests a nightly video and light spectacle! Perhaps the most unusual part of this digital display is that, unlike the other digital signage in this blog post, the Fremont Street Video Display is used solely for entertainment purposes. Be sure to check this one out during your trip to Las Vegas for CES in January!

Have you seen any unique examples of digital signage? Let us know!

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