We are totally excited to announce the world’s first inflatable TV mount by Peerless-AV®.  Say hello to the lightest wall mount on the market – the NinetiesSeries™ Inflatable Wall Mount. 



One of the softest mounts on the market, the NinetiesSeries™ Inflatable Wall Mount (SUP1998) is designed exclusively for 42″-90″ ultra-thin displays.  Featuring nearly weightless construction and external cable management, the SUP1998 offers ease of installation and intuitive adjustments – simply utilize the included tape and stick the mount to the wall.  It’s that easy!

For displays measuring 37″-65″, the NinetiesSeries™ offers the SUP1997. Both the SUP1997 and SUP1998 allow for landscape or portrait mounting and boast a jelly adaptor, providing the flexibility needed to support displays and easier access to inputs and power supplies as materials are translucent.


For slightly smaller displays (32″-40″), we will offer the SUP1997-JR. The SUP1997-JR, as with the SUP1997 and SUP1998, features a cushioned tilt mechanism and plastic vertical adjustment for post-installation leveling and height adjustment fine-tuning.

The NinetiesSeries™ Inflatable Wall Mount matches any décor, specifically the inflatable furniture made famous in the 90’s.

These wall mounts will never be available through Peerless-AV’s direct sales representatives and authorized distribution network.


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While the NinetiesSeries™ Inflatable Wall Mount is a product of dreams, what’s sure to take any viewing experience from ordinary to extraordinary and actually support displays is Peerless-AV’s DesignerSeries™ line of mounts, including the award-winning Universal Ultra Slim Articulating Wall Mount (SUA771PU). One of the thinnest wall arm mounts on the market, the SUA771PU is designed exclusively for ultra-thin displays, offering versatility and stability.

Featuring a dual-arm construction, the SUA771PU is robust enough to hold larger displays firmly in any position – landscape or portrait – while still offering an ultra-low profile. The One-Touch™ tilt mechanism provides effortless movement of the display and vertical adjustment allows for fine-tuning positioning after installation. The SUA771PU features an innovative I-shaped adaptor plate that avoids blocking connectors on the back of the display while integrated cable management conceals the cabling and allows the arms to move freely, too. The sleek wall plate covers hardware, resulting in a very clean installation that transitions smoothly from the wall to the display.


To learn more about Peerless-AV’s full line of DesignerSeries™ wall mounts, visit www.peerless-av.com.