The Peerless-AV® Xtreme™ Outdoor Triple Digital Menu Board was the talk of DSE 2014. Designed to replace traditional static menu boards currently used in drive-thru applications, including quick service restaurants (QSRs), banks and pharmacies, this product has opened up an entirely new avenue of digital signage.

A simple and convenient replacement process, integrators can install the outdoor digital menu board on the existing foundation where the static menu board once lived. Redefining traditional outdoor menu board installation, this product can be installed by two people. Its thin profile and modern design removes the need for installers to employ cranes or forklifts during installation. The units themselves measure just 8″ deep and employ a modular design ensuring the installation and removal of one display won’t affect the positioning of the other two displays.

Digital Menu Boards

This up-and-coming digital signage solution is designed to be visually appealing and attention grabbing for drive-thru customers. With the added option to use static menu prints as toppers and sidekicks as opposed to being used for all menu board content, the Xtreme™ Outdoor Triple Digital Menu Board reduces operation costs and time spent maintaining the menu board. The components of the Xtreme™ Outdoor Triple Digital Menu Board are completely weatherproof, too.

Attention-grabbing, weatherproof, visually appealing, and cost effective when updating content? It was exactly what the team here at Peerless-AV® was looking to do in order to up the ante in the digital signage industry. Take a look at the full menu of elements that makes this product so revolutionary:

Xtreme™ Digital Signage Displays. With an operating temperature range of -40°F to +127°F, these displays have earned the prestigious IP68 rating. The displays don’t have vents, fans or filters, ensuring nothing gets in and nothing gets out. Our patented Fully-Sealed Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ System reduces electricity costs by keeping internal components at the appropriate temperature. The optic bonding process utilized on these displays makes them viewable in sunlight, allowing information to be clearly readable, regardless of the time of day or the weather.

Topper and SideKick Static Signage. The static signage options offered for the menu board are for short-term specials and promotional items, and are able to be cost-effectively printed on Coroplast® or as a magnetic digital print.

Outdoor Kiosk. The outdoor kiosk is constructed of aluminum and steel. It uses a special powder coating formula making the entire display fade resistant.

Rain Cap. In addition to protecting the digital displays from harsh and wet conditions, the rain cap doubles as a solar shield, which in turn reduces the solar load within the outdoor kiosk.

Display System Option. In addition to a triple display design, the Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Board is also offered as a one-, two-, or four-display system, giving installers and end customers the digital signage solution that they’re looking for.

What does your dream drive-thru menu look like? What capabilities does it offer? Let me know in the comments section below!

Brian McClimans has been employed by Peerless-AV for 22 years and is currently the Vice President of Global Business Development. He has developed and implemented numerous national digital signage projects.

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