In 2010, Peerless Industries changed its name to Peerless-AV to better reflect a progression in our product offerings – we wanted to be a one-stop source for anything and everything AV, including wireless multimedia systems and interactive kiosks.

2010 also saw the birth of Ciil Technologies, a company manufacturing high-quality weather-rated outdoor displays and TVs. It wasn’t long after its inception that Ciil caught our attention. Our AV experts were thoroughly impressed by the technology behind the outdoor displays and TVs, so much so that we became a supplier to Ciil. At that time, Peerless-AV began providing Ciil with the metal products used in the manufacturing of its displays and TVs.

Outdoor Television

In January 2013, Peerless-AV moved to acquire Ciil Technologies in what would be a strategic move for both companies. There are a few key elements that influenced the acquisition…

For many years, Peerless-AV had been manufacturing outdoor enclosures, possessing the necessary experience in the outdoor AV space. Our history of manufacturing TV enclosures dates back to the days of bulky CRT TVs. Outdoor venues like stadiums needed to place CRT TVs made for indoor use into outdoor enclosures to protect them from the elements.

Another factor behind Peerless-AV acquiring Ciil Technologies was the huge market potential for outdoor displays and TVs. The fully weatherproof outdoor displays and TVs are a much better option for a multitude of applications such as stadiums, restaurants and campuses. Simply putting an indoor display or TV into an enclosure for outdoor use often leads to glare, making it hard for viewers to see what’s on the screen. Thanks to the optic bonding process that allows the screen to be viewed in direct sunlight, these problems don’t exist in Peerless-AV’s displays and TVs even though they are an issue in other displays and TVs made specifically for outdoor viewing.

Finally, the market for an outdoor display and TV line will undoubtedly flourish in the very near future. Entertainment applications such as stadiums, sports arenas and amusement parks are among the fastest-growing buyers of the Peerless-AV TV line. Most of these types of venues are moving away from traditional signage and moving towards video screens inside of all-weather enclosures. By 2015 or 2016, we see Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) converting their menu boards from static displays to something that gives them more flexibility to change their menu throughout the day and night.

Outdoor Televisions

The launch of our new, second-generation Peerless-AV 47″ Consumer Outdoor TV at CES was our first step in the process of rebranding the outdoor display and TV line from Ciil to Peerless-AV. Existing Peerless-AV customers have taken to the rebranding very well and we believe that our outdoor display and TV line will expose our brand to customers that need products beyond mounting solutions.

This is for good reason. The IP65-rated consumer TV line is able to operate in temperatures ranging from -24°F to +124°F, giving the customer all-weather performance in their backyard. Restaurant and bar owners will also appreciate the capabilities and aesthetics of our consumer TV line.

Our IP68-rated commercial outdoor displays take the capability one step further. The high-temperature commercial panels and patented thermal management technology used in our commercial displays enable them to function properly in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +140°F. This makes any outdoor digital signage application fair game for the Xtreme™ product line, including zoos, racetracks and rail stations.

The all-aluminum commercial line with heat sink on the back will retain the Xtreme™ name, while the residential aluminum/composite line will be known as UV2, a name stemming from the Ciil UltraView line. These Made-in-the-USA displays and TVs will be built from the ground up at our headquarters in Aurora, IL.

I know that you’re probably asking, “What’s going to change with this rebrand?” The price point, appearance and the technology inside will not change at all. In fact, we’ll still be utilizing the Ciil team to evolve and develop new products under the Peerless-AV name. The change from Ciil to Peerless-AV in name only was effective January 1, 2014.

The commercial displays are available in 42″, 47″ and 55″, while the consumer TVs come in 32″ and 47″ models.

We’re excited to share this announcement with you all and if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to reach out to the Peerless-AV team at

What applications do you feel will most benefit from these TVs? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Jack McKeague has over three decades of experience in the coatings industry and joined Peerless-AV in 2013 after the acquisition of Ciil Technologies. He is currently the General Manager and Vice President of Sales – Display Division and oversees the day-to-day operations for the division.