With March Madness at the forefront of sports’ fans radars, we certainly have basketball on the mind. What makes a basketball game great? Some people may say friends and refreshments, but for us having eyes and ears on the action is a priority. And, when you’re not sitting courtside, tech is your friend.

In celebration of the one of the most popular sporting events of the year, here are some of our favorite stadiums that keep us immersed in the plays, scores, and sounds through digital signage and stellar tech.

The Orlando Magic’s Amway Center

Orlando Magic's Amway CenterWhat’s the score? You need not ask. This arena’s scoreboard is one of the most complex and complete in the NBA. The arena also features 1,100 high definition displays throughout the building. Fans in certain areas can even order concessions via touchscreen. Digital signage makes menu customization and ordering at concession stands much easier.




The Los Angeles Lakers’ and Clippers’ Staples Center

Staples Center

Photo Credit: Adam Pantozzi

Some may say this arena gives off an outer space vibe. However, we’ve got our eyes on the signs. Their scoreboard is stellar and the venue also includes screens that even people sitting courtside can see. Away from their seats, fans will find interactive kiosks that allow them to access content about the venue.

The Staples Center also announced renovation plans to improve the fan experience—upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting and adding more than 35 smart televisions, 6 Toshiba Virtuoso Screens, 15 tablets, and 5 iMacs that will allow fans to follow players and live action, and order concessions. Concession stands will also be updated to include interactive digital signage, while a new in-venue app allows visitors to easily purchase merchandise and have it delivered to their seats


The Brooklyn Nets’ Barclays Center

Barclays Center


This multi-purpose venue is a digital signage lover’s dream, featuring 8,000 square feet of LED signage, including a three-story tall 1080p scoreboard. Pictured here is the stadium’s marvel, the “Oculus,” a 360-degree LED marquee that encircles the outer pavilion. Other tech perks include free Wi-Fi and an app that lets fans order and pay for food from their seats without having to stand in concession lines.





Golden State Warriors’ Oracle Arena

Photo Credit: Ming-yen Hsu

Photo Credit: Ming-yen Hsu

The Golden State Warriors have started testing iBeacon technology, which uses low energy Bluetooth to send notifications, allowing interaction with fans. The Oracle Arena welcomes fans, offers upgrades (increasing these by 15%), promotions for merchandise, and special concession deals via the technology. The arena will also start testing sound amplification—allowing folks all over the stadium to hear squeaking shoes, bouncing balls, and other sounds that are normally only heard by those courtside through the use of microphones. The most exciting bit of information here is that these tech tests are in support of and preparation for a grand new stadium in San Francisco, set to open in 2018.


Tell us: What’s the coolest stadium you’ve been to?