Ready or not, the holidays are here!! Every year, holiday commercials, store displays, and songs seem to hit earlier than the year prior. This year, it seems that when you walked into any store the day after Halloween you could pick up discounted candy and Christmas decorations.


The holidays always seem to evoke warm memories of family, but for some it can be anxiety. Worrying about the preparations and shopping trips can easily surpass the good feelings of being surrounded by family and time away from work.

No matter how you feel or what you do, one thing is certain: whether you realize it or not, digital signage is a large part of the shopping season! We’ll show you what you may have been missing.

Digital Signage Inside Retail Stores

retail digital signageDigital signage displaying holiday messages in retail spaces serves many purposes. The applications we most easily and fondly remember are most often themed storefronts and displays. One of the most engaging we’ve seen is Walt Disney’s and Barney’s 2012 Electronic Holiday display, composed of Christie MircoTiles. 

Inside the store, digital signage most often features videos and stills suggesting some of the very best holiday gifts. While signage here helps give consumers gift ideas, inform them of sales and promotions, and direct them throughout the store, this signage can also benefit the retailer. Large retailers with high foot traffic look to display sponsors to combat some of the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the displays.

Retailers also utilize kiosks to help shoppers find what they’re looking for. Kohl’s offers in-store kiosks that allow customers to search the inventory at for items that are out of stock in the store. They also offer free standard shipping for orders placed at these kiosks.

We’ve also seen retailers test ‘scan as you go shopping’, where a shopper scans items that they would like to purchase and checks out at a kiosk. This helps reduce lengthy and inconvenient checkout lines. This hasn’t caught on quite yet, but we’re certainly curious to see how this technology develops.

Digital Signage Aiding Travel

The holiday season is full of traditions, one of which being travel. With the increase in travelers we often see an increase in travel delays, be it at airports or on the highway. As we tend to be distracted by many things while traveling, we most digital signage aiding traveloften fail to notice that digital signage is indeed there to help streamline and reduce the chaos that is associated with traveling during the holidays.

Many airlines, including United Airlines, offer airport kiosks that allow travelers to skip the lines to check in and print boarding passes and ticket receipt, check baggage, select/change/upgrade seats, or change their flight for same-day travel.

Los Angeles International Airport is taking this to the next level with its recent launch of self-service passport kiosks designed to reduce travel times for international passengers. These kiosks scan passports, photograph arriving passengers, and allow them to submit customs declarations and enter biographic information electronically. This reduces the time spent with customs officers, thus decreasing the time spent waiting in lines.

While we look to how kiosks of the future will ease our travels, we mustn’t forget how digital signage been aiding this experience for so long—from signage displaying flight times, terminal numbers and delays, to those warning of traffic and travel times on the roads.

I enjoy reminiscing nostalgic holiday moments, but because AV is such a huge part of my life, I certainly can’t help but think of how its integration into the holiday season helps ease our stresses, and evoke holiday spirit. I ask you: How has digital signage enhanced or saved your holidays?