Thought Leader Check in

The audiovisual industry is a great place to work in, there’s really never a dull moment.  New products are continually being invented for all kinds of markets, and ideas are constantly being bounced around.  Deciding to pursue a career in the AV industry was one of the best choices I have ever made.

As President of Peerless-AV, I feel very fortunate, but that did not come without blood, sweat, tears, and years of dedicated hard work.  Reflecting back on my career to date got me thinking about the invention of a certain product that has truly made the largest impact on my career – the Jumbo Mount.  There had been several iterations of the mount with the final one being Jumbo 2000.  This propelled the growth of the company to a whole new category and separated us from several competitors.  My career has spanned the different generations of the mount and I was able to participate in the development and manufacturing of the unit.

I found it very interesting to think back on my history in the AV industry and the product that truly impacted my career, so I asked my coworkers: “What AV product has made the largest impact on your career?” 


Jack McKeague – Starting the outdoor display business at Cill was an exciting experience and lead to my career here at Peerless-AV. The thought of having folks enjoy a product outdoors with no fear of failure has been a joy to me – I love that I get the hands-on experience of creating a truly weatherproof TV.  Also, watching the business grow to the volume it is today has been life-changing to me and my employees. Over the last several years, I have been able to promote my team, add new employees, and head up the expansion of our production area.

Todd Mares – The most important device that has had an impact on my professional career has been the HD Flow. This product has single-handedly taken me out of the field as a lead integrator and has placed me as a subject matter expert in the industry. As an integrator I was in the trenches and understood what products I needed to integrate together to create a working solution. As a subject matter expert, I can now point other installers to the correct products to ensure their installations go smoothly. But, more importantly, I am now in a position to bring to market the devices that I believe installers will gravitate towards due to the working knowledge I have gathered throughout the years.

Mike Luttrell – I think it was the invention of the flat panel and its proliferation into the home. That and the ability to hang it on the wall! So, the biggest product that changed my career was the Pioneer Elite.  Once it became affordable, the Plasma Display and flat panel technology changed the industry forever. Suddenly, people were able to have a true “Theater Experience” in their own home without a dedicated Theater. It changed an industry from HiFi (High Fidelity) to Audio Video (AV).

Nick Belcore – The invention of the Smartphone has made the largest impact on my career.  It’s an all-in-one device that gives you the ability to enjoy audio and visual at the same time and the ability to access remote websites without being tethered to a desktop.  Not only does this benefit my everyday business, but its capabilities have expanded productivity for our customers.  For example, installers in the field are now able to quickly access information without having to stop and fire up a computer or place a call for further information. This also allows the Peerless-AV team to be more creative with our methods of assisting customers.  For example, we recently launched a Video Wall Install App which auto-calculates video wall spacing to save both time and money for our customers.

Brian McClimans – I would have to say that the invention of the Small Form Factor (SFF) PC has made the largest impact on my career.  Although that was many years ago, it is the reason I am in the position I am today.  The invention of the SFF PC lead to the creation of the modern-day digital signage system and its explosive growth.  Without digital signage, I would be on totally different career path and the AV industry would not be nearly as exciting!


 Tell us: Whether you’re in the AV industry or not, which AV product has made the largest impact on your career or life?