Here at Peerless-AV, we’ve discussed the benefits of switching to digital signage for the restaurant industry many times.
For restaurant patrons, new digital signage containing nutrition details offers a solution for those that are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and/or those with food sensitivities. While many folks look to reduce calorie, carbohydrate, and/or fat intake, depending on their dietary needs and health goals, monitoring for these counts while on-the-go can be quite frustrating when information is sparse.
By offering nutrition information in an engaging way, restaurants can create food awareness, help customers to make purchases based on the quality of food, and increase customers’ chances of weight loss success.

While FDA changes pushed many restaurants to make changes, some went above and beyond to offer engaging content, enhanced efficiency, and customization for customers.



First tested in Australia, McDonald’s new Create Your Taste kiosks have made their way to the U.S. for testing. The kiosk allows customers to customize each element of their burger from toppings to bun to dressings.




Not only does this chain offer customizable ordering via iPads and walls of glorious digital signage, it also completely removes human interaction from the equation. Customers customize their quinoa bowls with a plethora of healthy options and when they are ready, an employee pops them into a cubbie.




Forget paper. London’s Asian-fusion restaurant projects menus onto the tables which guests navigate through as they would a tablet. While waiting, guests have the option to watch a video of their food being prepared. Content can also be modified easily by the restaurant for special events, promotions, and menu changes.


rest-ds_4Barney’s Genes Cafe

Taking tabletop digital signage to the next level is Barney’s Genes Cafe. Guests can order, shop, and more on their personal monitors built into the cafe’s one long table.




Improving digital offerings not only presents an opportunity to meet customers’ needs and improve engagement and efficiency, but also can improve profits, something restaurants overall are bound to reap the benefits of.

In addition to making the customer more informed, digital signage has many benefits for restaurant owners, particularly when compared to the static signage used in a large portion of restaurants to this day. For example, digital signage offers restaurants the flexibility needed to update content. Promo items and menu content (new items, prices, sold-out items, calorie counts, etc.) can be quickly changed.

Animated menu content is more eye-catching and engaging than static signage as well, which further entices customers to make additional purchases. This too offers restaurant owners the chance to visually promote new, healthier options. Further, no longer will a company need to regularly pay to update its signage due to wear and tear, updates on the menu items, nutritional details, promos, etc., resulting in decreased operational costs.


What’s the coolest high tech restaurant you’ve been to? Tell us below.