This summer’s Olympics brought us 17 days of amazing athletic feats that had everyone mesmerized. As Americans, we are proud to support and congratulate Team USA on an incredible 121 medals!

With many memorable moments, we could fill an entire post with our favorite moves. Instead, we will do what we do best: talk about the greatest uses of technology and digital signage throughout Brazil!

Archery Signage


Rather than rely on the human eye, this high-tech sensor system shows the score via digital signage instantly. It can identify the point within 0.2mm.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage reigned in Rio—not only for scoring and games, but also for menu boards, wayfinding, self-service, information stands, and interactive touchscreen displays.

NBC’s Live Streaming and Virtual Reality

The Verge recently took a look at NBC’s live-streaming video operations for Rio, an Olympic event in itself. They were able to stream every moment of every single Olympic event online. They also captured hours of VR coverage through the NBC Sports app on Samsung’s Gear VR headset.

Visa Payment Ring


Thought swiping your credit card was easier than exchanging cash? At this year’s Olympics, Visa equipped around 4,000 payment terminals near Olympic venues with NFC, allowing Olympic athletes to simply tap their rings to charge their Visa accounts.

What’s To Come – Tokyo 2020

As if Rio’s tech wasn’t enough, Tokyo is already planning for 8K UHD coverage, hologram event staff, and more.

What’s the most fascinating technology you saw at the Olympics? 

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