The AV world is quickly becoming a world devoid of cables. HDBaseT is a technology on the rise because it only requires one cable, yet provides multi-functionality including audio, full HD digital video and broadband Internet.

HDBaseT is making a splash similar to what HDMI did during its first three or four years of consumer availability. Now at eight to 10 years later, HDMI is the accepted standard for connectivity. Projecting that HDBaseT could experience this same trend, we decided to partner up with Wyrestorm to create an integrated wall mount solution.

Wall MountsWyrestorm is known for making quality products as well as being innovators. Their World’s First HDBaseT Audio Amplifer receiver is an example of that. We felt there was a natural fit between Wyrestorm and Peerless.

We debuted our collaborative product with Wyrestorm at CEDIA. We had devised an articulating wall mount kit and receiver that delivers fully integrated HD video, audio and bidirectional control over a single CAT5 at up to 326 feet. Unlike HDMI which employs a  ‘handshaking principle’ that sends voltage across the line from a source and outputs it to match the input source, HDBaseT is able to take an infrared remote signal and send information through the same CAT5 cable to the source equipment and back to the TV from the source. The HDBaseT, which is capable of transmitting over hundreds of feet, is an ideal alternative to HDMI, which can have signal integrity issues when running over longer distances.

Articulating Wall MountThe wall mounts that we’ve integrated have brackets and only one model SKU number for installers to order. Cable management is also offered to make the installation look clean and professional, so the articulating wall mount that’s hung in a corner will only have a CAT5 and TV plug running through the arm. This is a great alternative to the typical nest of cables found behind most TVs.

Nearly 100 major manufacturers have already joined the HDBaseT Alliance. This alliance sets standards that manufacturers must to follow, but some smaller companies are using the technology and aren’t calling it HDBaseT. This becomes troublesome when trying to mix and match pieces during an installation.

When things get mismatched, there can be cable compatibility issues. We’ve seen it over and over again with HDMI and integrators are angry about using HDMI because of the amount of issues that they’ve experienced with it. Much like HDMI, installers will get frustrated with HDBaseT and they’re going to try and use something else to avoid said issues.

I feel that we won’t see HDBaseT being commonly used for about three years. New research from the HDBaseT Alliance also shows that the number of ports supporting the technology will more than quadruple by 2016. These are two reasons why Peerless-AV and Wyrestorm have teamed up to create more HDBaseT-integrated mount kits, including articulating wall mount, tilt mount and projector mount offerings.

What kind of wall mount kit do you feel will be the most useful for installers? Let us know!

Mike Luttrell is a Sales Application Engineer who uses Peerless-AV products for installer training and consultation. He has over 18 years of experience as an AV installer, systems programmer, sales engineer and project manager.

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