It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had multiple warm sunny days in a row. But, (fingers crossed), it seems like the time is now. With folks emerging from hibernation, we’re all becoming more social—from outdoor BBQs to festivals and concerts, there’s much to do outdoors. Like applying sunscreen and staying hydrated, it’s also important to make special considerations when selecting and integrating tech outdoors.

I recently wrote about how to Spring Forward with your AV, which details the important considerations to be made when selecting displays for the outdoors. Yet, as we entertain larger groups and plan/attend festivals and concerts, amplifying sound becomes even more of a priority.


Outdoor Audio for Small Groups

The award-winning Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar is a real game changer here. When it comes to usage, the possibilities are endless. It is perfect for outdoor events. Enjoy great sound during your cozy outdoor family movie, with friends during your next big pool party, or listening to a concert while ordering food at the concession stands.

SoundbarRegardless of use, the Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar is the first ever amplified outdoor soundbar on the market and is built to withstand the most extreme outdoor elements, while delivering the highest quality audio, making it an absolute must for outdoor entertainment.

Versatility and compatibility are key features everyone looks for in a product, no matter the market or use. The Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar easily mounts to Peerless-AV weatherproof displays and TVs. Even better, the soundbar is also universal, meaning it will mount to any pre-existing outdoor TV. It also works great as a standalone product.

The Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar has a built-in Bluetooth® module that allows users to stream audio from their devices. This avoids any cable mess when trying to connect your favorite Bluetooth enabled device to the soundbar.

Whether there’s rain or heat, the Xtreme™ Outdoor Soundbar stands up to the toughest elements brought on by Mother Nature. You never have to worry about this soundbar because it’s been tested to meet the highest standards and withstands the most extreme outdoor elements. It is IP65 rated with an enclosure that is completely sealed to isolate and protect the soundbar’s electronics from the outside environment.


Outdoor Concert

Outdoor AV for Larger Venues and Concerts

While our Outdoor Soundbar is the perfect fit for smaller outdoor activities, preparing for a large outdoor concert requires a great deal of planning and attention to detail. To help you prepare, use our checklist of the most important considerations to be made. Go ahead and print it out; check it off as you move along. Onwards to integration!


  1. Ensure the display is appropriate for that environment.
  2. Will the AV be in direct sunlight? Ensure reflections and solar load are accounted for.
  3. Consider the temperatures your equipment will face based on geographic location.
  4. Will your AV be in a rough environment? Cover glass protection may be needed as opposed to bare LCD.
  5. Are you working in a wind tunnel? Better have wind-rated mounts.
  6. Wet location? Are the mounts e-coated?
  7. What type of infrastructure has been run?
    1. Do you have additional receiving equipment that needs to be environmentally protected at the display location?
  8. Double check for proper drip locks for all signal cabling and AC cords—water should not defy gravity.
  9. Are the input panels carefully sealed to protect the installed gear?

Safety Considerations

  1. Work lamps.
  2. Hard hats.
  3. Steel toed boots.
  4. OSHA Listed lifts/ladders.
  5. P rings for wire management at minimum cost.
  6. Secure staging area for all delivered equipment to be held for install.

Testing and Verification

  1. Staging area is 2-fold in that you should be verifying the functionality of displays before install.
    1. Turn on.
    2. Test with content.
    3. Test with control system.
  2. Can display manipulation/calibration occur via remote?
  3. Do you need the IR eye installed to control the TV?
  4. Are you controlling the displays via IP?
  5. Is the Wi-Fi robust enough to manage your deployment?


By taking these thoughts into consideration, you’re sure to be ready to set up AV at any outdoor concert or event this summer.

Are you planning an outdoor installation? Setting up for an outdoor event? Send your questions our way! We’d love to help you Get it Right!

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