Universal Wall MountMany times, products in the AV industry are created based on demand in the marketplace. However, sometimes we need to look beyond demand and also focus on innovation. Yet, innovating involves taking a risk, albeit a calculated one. The DS-VWM770 special purpose video wall mount was one of those risks.

We knew that this risk was one we wanted to take based on the capabilities of the displays and software that was available in the industry at the time. We wanted to create a video wall mount that would be able to help deliver an eye-catching experience for consumers going to a mall or retail store.

We felt that designing a special purpose video wall mount would increase the customer experience. With the 15° increment adjustment capability from 0° to 360° and 90° swivel capability, the end customer can catch their consumers’ eyes in so many unique ways without it being a standard display shouting video at them to the point where they tune out.

Video Wall MountWith innovation, challenges are always right around the corner. With this wall mount, we had to truly dig deep and understand what panels are out there and which ones customers are using the most to then see if we had the capability of going into that type of installation. We knew what could be classified as universal based on criteria that we determined for commercial, digital signage panels.

The whole design process of the DS-VWM770 took only six months and it’s already being specced by AV consultants and end customers alike. We’ve also heard rumblings about mosaic solutions for specific sizes with a different form factor in order to solve problems that we weren’t originally looking at in places such as corporate lobbies.

The goal of our special purpose video wall mount is to give a distinct look in order to make what’s being displayed more marketable, whether it’s a marketing message or information about a product.

We’ve already heard a lot of positivity from the press, but we want to hear your feedback about the DS-VWM770, as well. Please let us know what you think at this year’s DSE and ISE events, where we will be in attendance.

Brian McClimans has been employed by Peerless-AV for 22 years. He has developed and implemented numerous national digital signage projects.