Here at Peerless-AV we are always striving to deliver innovative products to provide our customers with the most advanced mounting and AV solutions and accessories, which is why we are thrilled to introduce the industry’s first Universal Modular LED Wall Mounting system!

Unique Specifications:

When we develop our solutions we always take time to listen and learn from our customers, and for the LED Wall Mounting system we had a few main deliverables in mind – universal adaptation, ease of maintenance, and of course, quality of design.

Versatility and Compatibility:

All brands and displays are different, so shouldn’t your mounting system support those needs? Our thoughts exactly! Using the Universal LED Wall Mounting System, installers have infinite choices when selecting LED displays due to the versatile design of the mount – all that’s required is simply changing out display-specific adapter plates.

Easy Set Up & Maintenance:

As LED is becoming an industry standard, it’s important for mounts to accommodate the space-saving nature of these flat panel displays. The Universal LED Wall Mounting System has a slim and compact build, and enables a clean and aesthetically pleasing installation. One of the most prominent features is the mount’s easy pop-out mechanism. This mechanism can extend the mount 30 inches from the wall, providing ample space for a technician to service and maintain the LED displays.

Adjusting the mount is also simple and installer-friendly. A jacking screw feature allows the entire video wall to be plumb adjusted once all the LED displays are installed. Each mount has four-corner depth adjustment and a first row leveling function assures all the LED displays align for a seamless appearance.


Quality in Action:

The mount has recently been showcased at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016 and Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2016. LG Electronics also installed the universal mount to hold a LG LED Display in a 4 X 4 configuration in its office.

The Universal Modular LED Wall Mounting System combines the ease of maintenance with its pop-out functionality, and the universal ability to support various displays and brands, to truly be the first of its kind on the market.

Learn more about our latest innovation here.