With the summer season upon us, some might be thinking weekend trips to the beach, but for us at Peerless-AV, the warmer weather means outdoor-AV bliss. This is why we’re thrilled to announce the release of our newest line of outdoor TVs, the Peerless-AV UltraView™ Outdoor TVs.


Vivid, Crisp, & Bright Visuals

Besides being unsightly, using indoor TVs in outdoor settings is ineffective and can severely damage the display.  The first thing to consider is brightness – when you’re in the natural light, your devices need a much stronger brightness than when indoors. The UltraView™ has almost double the brightness of an indoor TV with an LED backlight that provides a full HD 1080p resolution, making your picture crisp and enjoyable.


Built to Last

Another concern to keep in mind is the severity of your climate and how these conditions can damage your TV. Indoor TVs are not built to be water-resistant or withstand severe temperatures. And, it’s important to remember that bringing your indoor TV outdoors almost always voids the warranty. The UltraView™ has an operating range of -24°F to 122°F, and comes with an IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof universal remote that can control up to 3 additional devices. You won’t have to worry about your TV getting damaged from excess cold or heat, or fear that your remote will break after being left out in the rain.


Hassle Free Entertainment

Affordably priced, the UltraView™ is available in 49″ or 55″. With a fully sealed design, there is no need to change filters or service the TV, creating a maintenance free entertainment solution for year-round use.

Installation of the UltraView™ TVs is best suited for shaded outdoor areas, and out of direct sunlight. It is the perfect addition to a deck, patio, gazebo, hot tub, outdoor kitchen or any high-end outdoor entertainment area!

Designed to fit the needs of homeowners, the UltraView™ provides a worry-free entertainment unit that’s built to last.

UV551 UltraView Outdoor TV_HERO (2)

You can learn more about our new line of UltraView™ TVs here: