dsvw775We’re excited to announce the release of our newest video wall mount, the SmartMount® Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount (DS-VW775).  This award-winning mount was completely designed with integrators and end-users in mind, raising the bar of excellence with an enhanced feature set centered on ease of installation and serviceability.  Ideal for creating video walls in retail, transportation, and entertainment settings, the SmartMount Supreme minimizes installation time and associated costs. Continue reading to learn about its many features.


With the addition of tool-less lateral adjustment, the SmartMount Supreme offers more micro-adjustment than ever before with 1.5″ of fine tune adjustment on each of the X, Y and Z axis.  Effortlessly find the perfect display position by simply turning the knobs.

The easy hang wall plate is compatible with the Peerless-AV install app for a simplified install, and the reusable wall spacers eliminate guesswork and on-site installation calculations, reducing the time and cost of installation.  And, the reusable spacers can be used for both portrait and landscape applications, allowing for endless video wall configurations.

Serviceability is made simple with enhanced cable management, which allows the cables to effortlessly travel in and out with the display.  Additionally, the unique quick release pop-out lever provides convenient access in recessed applications without risking display damage or searching for hidden pull strings, which no other universal mount on the market offers.

The SmartMount Supreme is both lighter and easier to install, offering a perfect solution for integrators looking to save time and money!


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