And, by “monkey business,” we mean literally! One of our latest installs involved lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

This year, we embarked on a journey with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to revamp the facility’s signage in hopes of enhancing the visitor experience.

The zoo had been relying on static wayfinding signage and a handful of flat screen TVs showcasing videos via the zoo’s internal digital content network. This aging system has been aiding more than two million visitors annually.

In hopes of enhancing visitors’ experience, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium sought out a rugged, reliable, and weatherproof solution to keep guests informed on zoo and aquarium updates, events, and severe weather warnings.

With 10,000 animals representing 600 species spread across the facility’s six regions, preservation of the natural habitat that each region emulates was a key concern of ours when tackling this project. This conservation-minded organization also hoped to reduce the use of printed materials to assist in keeping up with their environmentally friendly “green” practices.

We worked with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to fulfill their needs by installing 39 Xtreme™ Displays. These displays are completely weatherproof and sealed, protecting all components including cable entry. These TVs protect against the elements – rain, snow, sleet, dust, insects, and even pressure washing, making them perfectly suited to stand up against anything a zoo could throw at them.

To learn more about our work with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and how our outdoor TVs can fit into your organization, check out our case studies and learn more about our Xtreme™ Fully Sealed Displays.