Peerless-AV Launches PeerSound Rack-Mountable Wireless Audio System

Peerless-AV jumped into the wireless audio market at CES 2014 with the debut of PeerSound, an 8-channel rack-mountable wireless audio system sold only via the custom electronics channel.

Peerless-AV has become the latest company to enter the wireless audio market with the release of its new PeerSound Wireless Audio System (MSRP $699) at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

While most other wireless audio systems are heavy on industrial design and intended to be on display in open view for the homeowner, the PeerSound system (ADS100-B) is rack-mountable, which is right up integrators’ alley, so to speak. It also comes with a remote antenna that allows CE pros to send up to 8 channels of audio wirelessly to receivers/speakers up to 140-plus feet away.

The system is specifically aimed at the custom installation channel to help dealers offer a wireless solution for applications that are difficult or where it would be costly to run wires. In the past few years, Chicago area-based Peerless-AV has reinvented itself from being just a flat panel mount company to add streaming video products (PeerAir) and outdoor TVs (Ciil) to its repertoire.

“In speaking with our A/V dealer and integrator partners, we learned that many of them were looking for solutions to help easily and seamlessly install audio systems in homes and small businesses,” says John Potts, president, Peerless-AV. “Utilizing the PeerSound Wireless Audio System, we now allow our partners to deliver robust wireless audio as a solution when signal cabling is not an option. No longer will installers need to run wires through walls, cutting drywall and causing more work for the homeowner or store owner. The PeerSound Wireless Audio System provides an affordable solution that can be installed quickly with little to no disruption.”

The system offers integrators a useful set of features not available in any traditional distributed audio system, according to the company. Among the features are:

  • Eight independent channels to handle additional zones and added surround sound so there is no need for multiple transmitters.
  • Rack mountable for a quick, flexible installation
  • Remote antenna mounting that allows installers to move the antenna up to 10 feet away from structures that reduce Wi-Fi performance (like steel).
  • In-wall or on-wall amplifier that allows for clean installations and hidden wires, even when cutting drywall isn’t an option. Open interface that works with any audio component for source or speaker to allow customers the freedom to use the brands and equipment they are used to.
  • No interference because PeerSound creates its own wireless network so it does not affect any existing wireless data network service.
  • Self-contained 120/240V power supply and UL 2043 plenumimage-rated amplifier.

The PeerSound Wireless Audio System (ADS100-B) is currently available through Peerless-AV direct sales representatives and an authorized distribution network.

By: Jason Knott

Editor, CE Pro

January 17, 2014