miller outdoor theater

One of our latest and greatest projects just wrapped up at the Miller Outdoor Theatre, a free, public outdoor theatre located in Houston, Texas.

Due to its multifaceted communication needs and outdoor environment, we worked with Miller Outdoor Theatre to provide digital signage solutions that could update and inform visitors in a simple and timely manner, while being able to withstand the unpredictable Texas weather.

A key component of enhancing the theatre’s digital signage presence was our Xtreme™ 55″ Daylight Readable Displays. These displays feature our patented Ventless Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ System, which keeps the display’s internal elements safely warmed in extreme cold and properly cooled during extreme heat without the need for exhaust ventilation.

Thanks to optic bonding that reduces the glare through the UV absorptive gel, these displays can be seen clearly in direct sunlight. Optic bonding also reduces the display’s solar load, keeping it cooler and preventing screens from blacking out from overheating, making the Xtreme displays perfect for this outdoor space.

To learn more about how our solutions enhanced the Miller Outdoor Theatre and how they can enhance your spaces, check out our Miller Outdoor Theatre Case Study.