In September, the Peerless-AV® team had the pleasure of exhibiting and attending the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Annual Conference in San Diego, a show we look forward to every year! Our team loves to check out the local attractions, which this year included the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park as well as SeaWorld San Diego.

For anyone that wasn’t able to attend the show, we showcased various solutions, including our weatherproof, interactive digital signage solutions and custom kiosks.

We showed off our Xtreme™ Outdoor Displays, which help relay important information to visitors, like alerts and attractions, all within a shatterproof, completely sealed enclosure that can withstand severe weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold. Also on display were our custom kiosk solutions, which increase efficiency and minimize costs for zoos and aquariums by managing ticketing, wayfinding, entertainment, and more.

To get a true sense of the AZA Conference, check out what we had on display below.

Our floor-standing, touchscreen kiosk display featured information and donation content for users.


Our Landscape Kiosk Enclosure provided visitors with educational content via the touchscreen display.
Our Digital Menu Board, with an Xtreme™ Outdoor Display inside, welcomed visitors to our booth.
Our Digital Menu Board, with an Xtreme™ Outdoor Display inside, welcomed visitors to our booth.

Along with showcasing our technology and displays, we had a great time at SeaWorld San Diego, where we checked out some other cool events!

Starting the day with a couple of friends, SeaWorld put on a presentation with sloths.


Our Xtreme™ Outdoor Display at SeaWorld.
Our Xtreme™ Outdoor Display at SeaWorld.


We learned more about the world’s most rare marine animal, the Vaquita, from a presentation raising awareness about this vanishing creature. Photo credit to @Elidweiss via Twitter



Did you attend AZA 2016? Tells us about the cool tech and events you saw or participated in.

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