As technology continues to grow, the way we conduct business evolves to enhance the customer’s experience. In 2015, more hotels than ever will focus on enriching the guest experience with innovative convenience and wellness initiatives to drive growth and profitability. Digital signage, wayfinding and self-service kiosks, and mobile integration technology have opened endless doors for the hospitality industry. Leading hotel chains are now experimenting with self-service check-in technology inside of interactive kiosks and mobile applications to measure the advantages of the latest technology capabilities. These new services provide conveniences and multiple benefits to guests that incorporates an easy and relaxed experience far away from home.

For starters, digital signage integrations encompass endless opportunities to display information throughout a hotel or resort. The displays can be installed in the lobby, in elevators, in the gym, or even in the guest rooms. The display technology has the ability to easily manage content in all, or some, locations at once. Use the digital signage displays in the lobby for welcome signage or advertisements, or even promote hotel events or display urgent messages- the possibilities are unlimited!

Implementing wayfinding and self-service kiosks allows guests to check themselves in and out, print receipts, check room information, locate hotel facilities, and much more. The kiosks also enhance the customer experience, reduce staffing costs, and more efficiently utilizes hotel resources. Allowing customers to select their own choices and by having the convenience factor of the kiosk availability, gives control to the customer’s experience. By providing quick and easy self-service options, guests receive a higher level of service. Hotels ultimately want their agents to be less transaction oriented and more customer service oriented. Integrating a kiosk properly now gives guests a choice whether they want to visit the front desk or use the kiosk to expedite their arrival and departure.

Today, it’s hard to find someone who does not have some type of mobile device on them at all times. By developing an app or incorporating mobile integration, the convenience factor is even more prevalent and valuable to the guest. Benefits like keyless entry, room booking, checking in and out, confirming hotel location, submitting a cancelation, and requesting services become readily available and especially faster when they are right at your fingertips.

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