Outdoor Displays and Mass Transit

Outdoor displays are seen everywhere in transportation applications and displaying information has never been easier.  From real-time arrival and departure information at the train station to digital advertising at the bus stop to directional information at the subway station, outdoor displays have become an essential part in transportation.

The variety of content use makes outdoor digital signage an essential part of public transportation today and will continue to drive its application in the future.  This emerging technology has brought many benefits to the mass transit industry and will continue to further enhance the customer experience.

Before choosing and installing outdoor displays, it’s crucial to remember that digital displays deployed outdoors are subject to the outdoor elements 24/7.  It’s important to consider the following factors and how they will affect your outdoor digital display.

Mass transit outdoor displays must:

  • Be designed to withstand a fluctuation of temperatures (all-season solution)
  • Be designed to withstand high temperatures and direct sunlight for long periods of time
  • Have a fully-sealed design to prevent water, dust or insects from entering the display
  • Have an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness
  • Have an internal cooling and warming system to keep inside components at the proper temperature
  • Be designed for excessive shock/vibration that is caused by passing trains/buses
  • Be able to withstand high winds (both the display and mounting solution)
  • Have an anti-reflective & impact-resistant safety glass to prevent sun glare and damage

Finding the proper outdoor display that meets the above criteria can be difficult, but Peerless-AV® offers the perfect outdoor solution to help you Get It Right.  Peerless-AV Xtreme™ Outdoor Displays are the perfect solution for mass transit because they are 100% sealed and engineered to endure the outside elements in all seasons.  The displays are designed to operate in a range of temperature extremes, from -40°F to 140°F and be subjected to rust and corrosion.  The unique fully-sealed design eliminates the need for vents, filters or exhaust fans and provides the ultimate protection against weather, water and dust.  The display’s Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ system keeps internal components safely warmed in extreme cold and properly cooled in extreme heat.  The displays come in three size options: 42’’, 47’’, and 55’’.


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