Our focus at Peerless-AV is to Get It Right and we love to hear customer feedback on our products.  Because of this, I am excited to announce the new and improved DS-VW755S SmartMount® Ultra-Thin Full Service Video Wall Mount.  We’ve listened to our customers and heard the concerns about the functionally of the quick release latch, and the mount’s resistance in the closed position, each of which are perfected on this release.

Ever since the product was released, we’ve been 100% focused on inspecting them and listening to customer feedback in an effort to improve the user experience.  Our main focus of this enhancement project was to improve the overall functionality of the quick release latch mechanism and reduce the overall sponginess of the display, and we are eager to say that we were very successful on both fronts.

When pressed on the side, the display now quickly snaps back to zero, which is owed to the addition of the stabilizing jack screws and magnets.  Additionally, a new center quick release roller mechanism has alleviated the latching issues experienced with our old design.  We believe that our customers will have an overall greater user experience with the improvements made to the DS-VW755S and will be able to build the best video walls yet.

DS-VW755S SmartMount Ultra-Thin Full Service Video Wall Mount

In case you’re new to the DS-VS755S model, the mount offers an easy to install solution for landscape and portrait applications.  When overall video wall depth is a concern, the DS-VW755S provides ADA compliance when mounting displays measuring 2’’ deep or less.  Designed for quick service access in recessed video wall applications, the DS-VW755S provides versatility demanded by today’s integrator.  Tool-less micro adjustment at eight points allows the mount to overcome uneven walls, creating a seamless video wall display.  Easy display access and quick serviceability make this mount the ultimate video wall mounting solution.  Learn more about the DS-VW755S by visiting our website, or by contacting your local representative.


To make installation of video walls even easier, download Peerless-AV’s Video Wall Mount Locator App, which is now available on iTunes, Google Play and a mobile HTML5 version.  It takes the calculations out of the equation when installing a video wall.  Simply input the display distance from the neighboring surfaces and the app will provide the exact location of the mount.  With the first mount in position, the remaining mounts will fall in line.

Video Wall Locator App