Were you able to make NEC Display Solution’s Retail Design and Experience Google+ Hangout? I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the Hangout with Rachel Karnani of NEC Display Solutions of America, Will Amos of The Big Space, and Alan Hughes of NEXT/NOW.

We had a great time talking shop and sharing the latest and greatest in the retail designs and experiences area of our industry.

peerless-av google hangout

Topics discussed on our Hangout:

  • Types of interactive experiences that are available for retail, including mobile and social media integration into digital signage systems.
  • Kiosk design and the importance of planning for projects.
  • The types of content that can be displayed in a retail setting and how the content can create new customer experiences for brands.
  • How important are analytics?
  • The power of having a video wall in retail setting.
  • Do projectors play a role in the retail space?

Here’s what you might have missed:


It’s always great to discuss what’s on the horizon in the AV industry and connecting with professionals on the leading edge of AV tech.

What’s your favorite example of AV innovation in retails settings? Share below!