Our wireless short throw projector line offers a new twist to an old technology, offering untold flexibility and quick, effortless installation.


With integrated wireless technology, the days of running wires from all of your sources to the projector arm assembly, as was the case in traditional applications. are over.

Featuring our HD Flow™ Pro Wireless Multimedia Kit, the system offers various inputs including HDMI (x2), VGA, Composite, and Component Video. You can switch between sources by simply pressing the button on the front and the transmitter sends the signal from any one of these sources to the receiver located in the projector.

peerless av short throw projectorHow it Works

Our Wireless Short Throw Projector AV System is the easiest of its kind to install. The projector mount’s cover encloses a receiver that sends video through HDMI, Component, or Composite cable to the projector. It also includes a 3.5mm audio cable.as well as a seven-outlet power strip for all your power needs. As with all Peerless-AV products with open wall plate architecture, we include enough space to support a two-gang outlet to conceal all your power wiring.

The system’s audio is provided by a custom 25w x2 amplifier that powers the two 5.25 inch coaxial speakers. This amplifier has two inputs, one for the HD Flow receiver’s Audio output and one for an external microphone. The external microphone input has a gain adjustment to allow for signal mixing. The system also includes a wireless remote control for power on/off or volume up/down. We’ve also included a 9×9 inch compartment that allows you to securely place a wireless microphone head end if desired.


Installation couldn’t be simpler. We’ve designed the system so that one installer can get it mounted and adjusted in a matter of minutes. First, we provide a paper template with screw locations. Second, we provide key slots to allow asingle installer to hang the whole wall plate on the two partially installed screws. Third, we allow three inches of adjustment on either side of the device. Our arm has a hook-and-hang feature that makes installation quick and easy.. The product also offers three adjustable arm lengths (600mm/1200mm/1600mm) and an included projector mount that allows for micro adjustability.


There are many applications for this line, particularly in the classroom. The system allows teachers to stream sound and Full HD 1080p content wirelessly up to 131 feet from as many as five audiovisual input devices, eliminating the expense and inconvenience of being tethered to hard-wired connections. This enables teachers to switch AV sources without plugging in and unplugging equipment. The audio portion of the system enables a teacher’s voice to be heard clearly, even over streaming audio with his or her back to the class. Such systems are a convenient way to deliver multimedia content that can both command students’ attention and enhance learning.

For additional information on our short throw projector systems and their various applications, please visit: http://www.peerless-av.com.