Outdoor TVOn behalf of everyone at Peerless-AV, I’m pleased to announce Jon Schmitz has been promoted to Director of Quality & Supplier Management.

Global product initiatives are driven by the customers’ rigorous requirement of a high quality cost effective product. Jon’s extensive knowledge of our customers and their expectations, as well as a never ending desire to exceed those expectations make him the ideal fit for this new position. Jon will be heading up collaborative efforts between our US based Global Headquarters, and our subsidiaries in Europe and Mexico.

Whether it’s a TV mount, outdoor TV or display, kiosk, wireless audio system or any other AV equipment, Jon will certify that all of our products meet our global quality system’s demanding standards during the manufacturing and testing processes. Additionally, he will see that the manufacturing, procurement and assurance of outside materials for our equipment and components are consistent in their use and structure at all of our facilities. As a result, our products will lend themselves to easy installation, superior durability and improved aesthetics.

On the quality side, Jon’s role will also include certifying that order placement, product design, and shipment to customers are consistent in their use and structure. On the supplier management side, Jon will make ensure we have stringent processes for selecting, evaluating, and measuring partners and vendors. In addition, Jon will continue global business success by overseeing the delivery of key corporate opportunities to all site locations and ensure the proper execution of important business relationships that require contracts.

Jon has been at Peerless-AV for 9½ years and has held other quality-related positions including Quality Assurance Director, Corporate Quality and Supplier Management Director, Quality Director and Quality Manager. Jon currently serves as a member of the American Society of Quality (ASQ), and is a supporter of several projects for the less fortunate including the Little Angels based in Elgin, IL.

I am confident that the quality of our entire product lineup worldwide will continue to set the standard of excellence under Jon’s watchful and informed eye. His 25 years of experience combined with his excitement to take on this challenge makes me extremely confident in Jon, and his future success with Peerless-AV.

John Potts joined Peerless Industries in 1995 where he held multiple management positions before being appointed President of the renamed Peerless-AV in 2012. He played pivotal roles in growing the business and expanding the company’s legacy audiovisual mount business to include new technology focusing on digital content delivery.

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