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Peerless-AV has been producing quality AV equipment for over 80 years. Whether it’s a wall mount, kiosk, wireless audio or video system, people trust our team to ‘Get It Right’ the first time and every time.

Our thought leaders ‘Get It Right’ by collaborating with one another on everything from the high level brand strategies down to a single customer interaction. They are vital to every process at Peerless-AV, which is why we sat down with each of our leaders so they could speak about their role at Peerless-AV.

TV MountJohn Potts, President

  • What year did you join Peerless-AV? 1995
  • Tell us a bit about your journey at the company so far. I’ve been a part of many different teams at Peerless-AV and I’m proud of my many diverse management positions, specifically overseeing many parts of the R&D process.
  • Is there anything about your role that some may not know about? I work very closely with our customer service team in developing our customer care processes as part of our pledge to always Get It Right.
  • What are you most well known for at Peerless-AV? To me, Peerless-AV is so much more than just TV mounts. I’ve been very passionate about our initiative in propelling us forward to being experts in AV solutions.

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Outdoor TVNick Belcore, Executive Vice President

  • When did you start working at Peerless-AV? 2006
  • You were recently named the Executive Vice President. What was your role prior? As the Vice President of North American Sales, I mentored and worked closely with the sales team to help them continue their success in the mounting business and to break ground in the field of emerging technologies.
  • What do you feel is the most significant part of your job at Peerless-AV? Ensuring customer satisfaction. I collaborate with every department from manufacturing to accounting to customer care to Get It Right for our customers every time.
  • Is there anything else that excites you about your role? I really enjoy incorporating our new product line in digital signage installations. I like being on the forefront of technology and seeing our products, like the Pico Broadcasting System, in action in real-life applications.

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Digital SignageBrian McClimans, Vice President of Global Business Development

  • When did Peerless-AV hire you? 1992
  • Where did you start at Peerless-AV and how did you end up where you are today? I started my career in our Customer Care Department and moved up the ladder because of my passion for digital signage. This is something I’m still passionate about today – I’m proud of my work on so many large-scale national projects.
  • What do you look forward to doing the most in your new role? Developing new products and managing strategic relationships on a global level.
  • How else do you represent Peerless-AV in the industry? I’ve been honored to travel the country to represent Peerless-AV at industry events.  My favorite part of that is bringing back my findings to the team so we can stay on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry. Recently, I was honored to have been appointed to the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) Board of Directors.

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Outdoor KioskHal Truax, Retail Sales Managing Director

  • What year did you join Peerless-AV? 2013
  • What do you bring to Peerless-AV? I’ve been in the AV industry for 30 years as an installer, integrator, buyer and manufacturer.  My varied background gives me a better understanding of different roles in the industry and allows me to speak to each role in a way that works best for them.
  • What motivates you to go into work everyday? I love our company and our products, so I am driven by getting the word out there and looking for new retail opportunities to offer our AV solutions at for potential customers.
  • What is the most important part of your role? I get to analyze a customer’s shopping behavior to fully understand the AV solutions they’re looking for and at which price is right for them.

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Wireless Audio SystemTodd Mares, Application Field Engineer

  • When did you start working at Peerless-AV? 2011
  • What has been your key role at Peerless-AV? Since I joined Peerless-AV, I’ve been testing and deploying our new AV solutions in real-life situations to see if they perform up to our stringent standards. By testing our products in actual applications, we know it’s right for our customers before hitting shelves. Testing even inspires future product ideas.
  • What product are you most proud of working with at Peerless-AV? I would have to say the Pico Broadcaster – it’s been great to be a part of developing this revolutionary first-of-its-kind technology.
  • How else do you leverage your prior AV experience at Peerless-AV? Because of my previous installation experience, I am able to provide onsite support to customers with site-specific integration challenges.

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Wall MountMike Luttrell, Sales Application Engineer

  • When did Peerless-AV hire you? 2012
  • How do you use your experience in your current role at Peerless-AV? I leverage my almost 20 years of experience in the AV industry and Peerless-AV products to provide training and consultation to installers.
  • What part of your job gives you the most satisfaction? One of my passions is working with people and helping them learn more about the AV industry through the power of education. I hold many customer trainings to make sure they Get It Right.
  • Is there anything about your role that some may not know about? I offer tech support for Peerless-AV’s Emerging Technologies Group.

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