As many of you AV Tweeps know, here at Peerless-AV® we love checking out the newest, biggest, and most innovative digital signage displays. As the industry continues to advance, displays have moved beyond being supplemental information providers to become focal points with breathtaking, interactive technology.

While there are many cool new digital displays out there, our team of AV junkies has identified some of the largest digital signage installations in the world. Take a look!

World’s Largest OLED Display

South Korea’s Incheon International Airport hosts “two of the largest OLED displays in the world.” Developed by LG Electronics, each display holds 140 55-inch curved OLED panels – creating a display spanning approximately 26 feet x 43 feet!

These massive displays are positioned within the main terminal of the airport and showcase a variety of content that demonstrates the OLED technology’s capabilities. OLED panels emit light when powered, so it does not require a back-light and filters, making them lighter, thinner, and more efficient. OLED can produce brighter light with less energy, making this display a brilliant and beautiful piece of technology.

Airport technology has always been important to assist with way-finding, advertising, and guest services, but the advancement of this OLED display is a glimpse into the future of the digital signage industry, and how displays can be used for entertainment in high-traffic public spaces.

You can check out photos and more information on the LG OLED display here:


World’s Largest Interactive Digital Display

In Brisbane, Australia, the Queensland University of Technology’s science and engineering research center hosts one of world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces – The Cube.

The Cube is an interactive, touch-screen learning display that soars about 20 feet high and is powered by over 30 high-powered SGI graphics computers and HP servers, 48 MultiTaction™ 55-inch touch panels, 55 custom-made speakers, and 14 Panasonic high-definition projectors.

The Cube utilizes data and research from the university to provide an interactive learning experience for the public. This massive display not only stands out with its incredible size, but can also replicate environments at a real-world scale, providing a learning tool like no other.

For more photos and information on The Cube, follow this link:


World’s Largest HD Digital Billboard

New York’s Times Square hosts one of the largest HD digital billboards in the world. Installed on the façade of  the Marriot Marquis on Broadway, the display spans eight stories high and wraps around the entire city block!

Part of the Marriott Marquis’ redevelopment, the display is composed of Mitsubishi’s Diamond Vision display technology, making it the ‘highest resolution LED video display in the world’ of this size, using a pixel density of 2,368 x 10,048.

Located on Broadway between 45th and 46th streets, this gigantic display is said to reach more than 2 million impressions weekly! If you’ve been to Times Square, you know that the space houses billboards and digital signage at every angle, each screaming for attention from visitors and those passing by. This enormous HD billboard illustrates just how big and advanced the city’s billboard displays are becoming, setting a new standard for the city.

Learn more and check out some photos of the display here:


Tell us: have you seen any large, notable digital signage displays lately? We’d love to hear from you!