Video Wall MountOut of all the monumental announcements at DSE 2014, the one that has me the most excited is the unveiling of our new quick release video wall mount lineup.

These new video wall mounts are going to make the installation much easier. The custom wall plate spacers help eliminate onsite installation calculations and measurements that take up the integrator’s valuable time. The spring assisted quick-release feature allows easy access to the back of the display with a gentle touch. It’s that easy.

Each model is designed for recessed video wall applications ranging from retail and corporate applications to higher-traffic public areas in leisure and transportation settings. The versatility of this product line has me excited for the multitude of applications it will be able to support.

Wall MountsThe reason behind the release of three quick release video wall mount products was flexibility. We wanted to give installers flexibility and options when it came time to complete their job for their end customer.

The DS-VW765-LQR: is designed for applications where the display needs to be in landscape orientation. The DS-VW765-PQR was made for applications where the display has to be in portrait orientation. For your reference, they are equal in depth to the respective models that they are based off of: the DS-VW765-LAND and DS-VW765-POR. The DS-VW795-QR is designed for large video wall applications that utilize 65” to 95” displays that weigh up to 225 lbs.

I’m also proud to have worked in collaboration with system integrators, installers, customers and dealers to develop these mounts since we wanted to provide them with a product that fulfilled their specific requirements. What’s your dream video wall mount? Let me know in the comments section below!

Brian McClimans has been employed by Peerless-AV for 22 years and is currently the Vice President of Global Business Development. He has developed and implemented numerous national digital signage projects.

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