The Italian coffee roasting company, illy, upholds a mission to provide the best coffee that nature can provide. When the worldwide chain of authentic Italian-style coffee was launching a flagship store in the UK, illy was on a quest to create the perfect environment. Looking to build a store that encompassed chic Italian design ideals with the latest high-end technology, illy partnered with elite forces to make it happen: Samsung, Digital Signage Solutions Centre (DSSC) Europe, and Peerless-AV.


illy chose a location on Regent Street as its flagship store, creating a modern and bright atmosphere. Key design elements included Italian artwork and a specially designed chandelier made from 216 illy espresso cups hanging from the ceiling.

To further highlight the space with the company’s brand identity, promotions, and campaigns, illy wanted to strategically place bold, bright and eye-catching digital displays around the café.

With DSSC Europe as the integrator for the project, Samsung provided the digital signage displays and Peerless-AV, DSSC Europe’s preferred vendor, provided the wall mounts.

Peerless-AV’s SmartMount® Full-Service Video Wall Mounts (DS-VW765-LAND), DS-VWS013 Screen Specific Spacer Kits and eight DS-ACC-VW765 Cable Release Kits were used to create illy’s 12-screen full HD video wall solution above the service counter. Additional signage areas included two digital menu boards and a display behind the seating area.

Video Wall_illy

As referenced by the photos, the completed wall display compliments the café’s relaxing and stylish space, and a combination of illy and Samsung brand marketing content runs on the displays to offer customers a visual treat as they order and enjoy their coffee. The vibrant and colorful displays help to make a strong impression on customers as they enter the store.

Video Wall Display_Illy

illycaffé is another example of how digital signage solutions can help enhance customer experiences and spruce up a retail space. Check out our case study to learn more about the illycaffé installation, and if you’re interested in learning about other Peerless-AV implementations, check out our other case studies.