peerless-av peersoundPeople looking to integrate the latest entertainment technology into their home without sacrificing the clean look or design of their house are increasingly turning to AV integrators to provide a solution. Often limited by the systems’ wiring and its integration challenges, wire concealment has become a fine art among pros.

Multi-room, multi-device installations are particularly tricky. Traditional cable runs can be almost impossible when sealed walls cannot be opened up to run cables that distribute sound across the the house That said, it should come as no surprise the demand for solutions that eliminate the hassle of running wire is surging.

Going wireless is the obvious choice. Given wireless audio’s consistent category growth, the industry is seemingly embracing it. For custom integrators, however, going wireless has historically presented a multitude of challenges. Robust wireless signals are often hard to obtain and wireless is intrinsically less reliable than copper wire in residential audio installations, especially when spanning multiple zones.

Our most recent white paper discussed the challenges facing wireless multi-zone audio in detail. To learn how to find the right wireless solution, a client must take into consideration system range, scalability, and installation ease.

To learn the ins and outs of multi-zone wireless audio integration, visit Technology Integrator, CE Pro or HomeToys to read our white paper, “Customizable Multi-Zone Wireless Audio.” Special thanks to the publications listed above for the inclusion!

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