Looking back on this year, Peerless-AV has accomplished many things and we have much to be thankful for. First and foremost, our employees’ generosity is just one of the many reasons they are very special and important to us. Additionally, we are thankful for our innovative employees who make our dreams a reality, and for those who consistently set the bar high for our future. It’s through their hard work, dedication and support that allows Peerless-AV to be the fast growing, highly reputable, award-winning company that we are today.

With every meeting, conference and trade show attended, new product launched, and award received, our employees are always busy ensuring that our company continues to set the standards high. Our teams of employees are driven by passion for our products. As a part of our values, we consistently keep the “Get It Right” mentality close to heart when designing and launching new products. This year has been filled with new and exciting opportunities that have helped Peerless-AV continue to grow both externally and internally.

Last month, we saw the amazing generosity from our employees through the week-long honoring of our employee veterans and all the donations brought in for local veterans. It was a great week for our veterans as they enjoyed gifts and food provided by our employees on their own special day. Our employees also don’t need push to give back, which was shown by our own EDI Coordinator and veteran, Nicole Larde, who took the initiative to set up a veteran supply collection drive to help local veterans. The overwhelming support and donations provided by our employees’ shows their desire and passion for helping others. Next month, we will be hosting our annual Toys for Tots drive, and we can’t wait to see the outcome of our employees’ generosity for local children in need.

All of our employees have their own things to be thankful for this holiday season, and they decided to take some time to reflect on what they’re thankful. It’s amazing to see how employees’ gratitude changes from person to person; that is what makes our company so special and our employees one of a kind.

Check out the video below to see what our employees are thankful for this holiday season:

Peerless-AV wishes you a happy and safe holiday!