Every April, Eearth 1arth Day marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement, which began as far back as the 1970s. Today, “Go Green” initiatives are becoming more prevalent in businesses and organizations worldwide. Instead of over-indulging and wasting resources, business and consumers alike are moving towards environmentally conscious solutions. The growing awareness of environmental issues has sparked collaborative efforts to incorporate protecting the environment into daily routines.

At Peerless-AV, our philosophy is to always be environmentally friendly. Our manufacturing process is based around recycling resources. Our dye-casting department melts down remaining castings to be reused every day. As long as the casting do not have toxic paint coatings, the castings are melted down to be reused. To ensure toxic fumes or particles are not released into the environment, any castings with paint coatings are donated to scrap yards to be disposed of properly. Additionally, the water we use during manufacturing is recycled through a closed loop water system. The water is filtered through our outside water cooling system and then cycled through our machines. After use, the water is filtered and any waste is disposed of properly.

Furthermore, any damaged parts or products are evaluated for use within our facility and broken down by its components and then separated and recycled. A designated area allows for these items to be organized and dispersed accordingly.



Another Peerless-AV initiative is making sure a large amount of our products are compliant with RoHs, which refers to lead-free materials. RoHs compliant products restrict the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. Our compliant products help facilitate the recycling process being lead-free and are an aid in environmental awareness.

Earth Day is a great reminder of how important our environment is and how it is critical to remember that every day influences how our world will be tomorrow.

How can we help you Get-It-Right for the environment?